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H Upmann Vintage Toro Reviews [view details]

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Just received these cigars a couple of days ago. I couldn't wait to toast one up and puff away. I have to tell you that my anticipation was well worth the wait. It was on the medium to medium-strong level of strength. It is also so smooth and creamy that retro-haling is easy. After just a few draws it reminds me of a Ashton VSG. So if you like Ashton VSG you just might like these. Enjoy!
Vaden in Boston February 7, 2015
"Great Smoke!"
I am a new smoker, but I have smoked the Macanudo, Monte White, and Ashton Classic. I have to say this was the best I have smoked so far. Let it rest for a few months in the humi at 65rh. This is a great smoke and my non-smoker friends have loved it too. While we all thought the Ashton and Macanudo were very harsh, we thought it could be that they need more time. Slow burn and smooth flavorful smoke. Looks damn nice too. I never write reviews either but I felt compelled for these.
John in New York September 1, 2014
"Better than most Cubanos"
This cigar will transport you back to old Cuba. The way it was and sadly the way it should still be. This cigar smells looks and tastes heavenly. Rolled masterfully by the best craftsmen. The Cameroon wrapper is silky. The burn is perfect cigar after cigar. The taste and aroma are of sweet cedar and new leather with small hints of fruitiness. I would rate this cigar a strong 99 and better than most Cubanos being produced these days.
john in tennessee January 18, 2013
"My Favorite Cigar"
I have smoked hundreds of 'premium' cigars, and tend to mentally benchmark them all against this Cigar (Vintage Cameroon Toro). This cigar has it all. The presentation, construction, and burn are flawless. What sets it apart is the taste and smell of the cigar. I have smoked a lot of cigars that have flawless construction and burn, but none match the aroma and taste of this cigar.
cjb in vermont March 21, 2009
"Vintage Vintage Cameroon"
After 3 years in the humi-closet, my Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro looked, smoked and tasted fabulous. The balance and depth of flavor was masterful. I liked this cigar 3 years ago. I loved it today.
brewster in Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008
CRUZ in FT.LAUDERDALE July 30, 2008
Good taste. Fast burner but not hot. I still prefer the Torano Cameroons.
Northcoast Wino in Ohio May 18, 2008
"Fine smoke"
Good strong taste, fine aroma due to the Nicaraguan filler, I guess. Nice easy draw, and steady burn. A mild to full cigar leaving me satisfied with the smoke. I liked it and have a few more to smoke :)
Don in Maryland January 26, 2006
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