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"A Good Replacement For Montecristo #4 / Habana"
Had one of these from a sampler sitting in my humidor for over a year .. had not touched it until last night. Paired it with a decaf french roast yes, I am that kind of person and the first 1/3 was easy draw very creamy. 2nd 1/3 was bold but tended to lose plume easy if you did not draw often, last 1/3 reminded me of the #4 in that it gave me that buzz that only the #4 and smoking a Cigarzilla or an Asylum would ... I enjoyed it and the price point is great. Going to add a box to my humidor.
W Jones in Dallas,Texas February 11, 2015
"decent smoke"
Decent smoke. Good smoky flavor for the fist half then it got rather harsh. Uneven fingernail burn. had to trim twice.
Morgan in NC October 26, 2013
"You Dun Good"
The best tasting smoke I have had in a long time Nice burn, draw and good looking. Thanks H.upmann
Don Contreras in Georgia September 6, 2013
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