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H.Upmann Sun Grown Reviews

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H.Upmann Sun Grown Churchill
"Not as good as other H. Upmann cigars"
This cigar was not as good as other H. Upmann sticks that I ve had. It was not a BAD cigar, but not outstanding either. The burn was a bit uneven about halfway through, I and kept having to relight one side. It s a pretty large ring gauge for a Churchill. I would consider it more of a Toro or Gran Toro, with the 54 ring gauge.
Matt in Decatur, GA February 27, 2015
H.Upmann Sun Grown Corona
"Just the bees knees"
Some cigar all right,first out of the box and what a treat,cool draw,nice flavour.Rate highly.
1olcodger in South Pacific February 16, 2015
H.Upmann S.G. Short Churchill
"A Good Replacement For Montecristo #4 / Habana"
Had one of these from a sampler sitting in my humidor for over a year .. had not touched it until last night. Paired it with a decaf french roast yes, I am that kind of person and the first 1/3 was easy draw very creamy. 2nd 1/3 was bold but tended to lose plume easy if you did not draw often, last 1/3 reminded me of the #4 in that it gave me that buzz that only the #4 and smoking a Cigarzilla or an Asylum would ... I enjoyed it and the price point is great. Going to add a box to my humidor.
W Jones in Dallas,Texas February 11, 2015
H.Upmann Sun Grown Churchill
"A Very Enjoyable Cigar!"
Received 10 free cigars with my last order. I was pleasantly surprised since I had never smoked an H. Upmann before. The burn, draw, and appearance were all very consistent. The medium bodied smoke was quite good as I wasted away over an hour of my day.
Peter in Idaho October 15, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Corona
"Typical Upmann Quality"
Upmann never disappoints and so it is with the Corona sun grown. Flavor 26% aroma plus mouthful of smoke brings real satisfaction and relaxation. Draw is medium tight but not at all a hassle. Smoked five before writing the review and will certainly buy and smoke more. Great cigar!
Mark in Missouri August 26, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Magnum
"Still needs more time."
I tried speeding up the aging process by keeping this one stick around 64% RH and while the burn was fantastic [didn t go out when left alone for almost 10 minutes!] the flavor was rather bland and the draw too loose though a 9 mm punch hole.
Stefan in City by the Bay June 29, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Lancero
"Tight but good"
Love the aroma and taste. Draw is very tight, thus, not much smoke. It does improve about half way though. Hasn t made me toss it but does try my patience.
Frank in Maryland June 1, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Churchill
I received two of these on the Sun Grown Test flight. Both of the Churchills had cracked and split wrappers. The wrappers also appeared to have some sort of white residue. This was not mold or plume; the residue was unable to be brushed off. The draw was very tight as well. I put it down before the completion of the first third. I have been smoking the other sticks in the Test Flight and I have no complaints.
Carlos in Los Angeles May 23, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Magnum
"Getting there..."
One and a half months after first opening the box this is getting there... Smoother on the first 2/3ds; can t wait to try again in a month!
Stefan in City by the Bay April 21, 2014
H.Upmann Sun Grown Magnum
"Boxed fresh"
The sticks in the box are a bit fresh but showing great potential. Can t wait to try again in 3-4 months.
Stefan in City by the Bay March 9, 2014
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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