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Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Vanilla (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Lost taste test"
I did a taste test with all the vanilla cigars. These lost as did all the others. The winner was D. M. Vanilla Sport.
JDV in Virginia June 4, 2013
good flavor
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
"Best machine made"
Love the vanilla flavor and the quality is superior to any machine mades I have tried.
Bill in Omaha September 5, 2012
"Nice and smooth"
Been smoking the regulars for years and two years ago, I tried the vanilla flavor and it was the bomb. The ladies liked the smell, so I knew that it was truly a good cigar.
Jamull Abdul-Rashad in Glendale,Arizona January 18, 2012
"Great for us beginners!"
Very smooth and sweet. A great little cigar if you are big on flavor and short on time. Surprising quality! Not for old school cigar "pros".
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA January 17, 2012
"Damn Good"
Easily one of the best.
James in Florida December 2, 2011
"Perfect cigarmony!"
I never thought I'd switch from hand made smokes till I found Jewels Vanilla. I can't stop smoking these little desserts! Goes well with a glass of cognac.Smooth. Delicious. And they're mild.
Dr. P in The Bronx March 10, 2011
"This is an enjoyable cigar"
The wood tip is one of the best things about this cigar, I have never liked having tobacco leaves in my mouth. The flavor and the aroma are terrrific, too. It easily fires up (even on my boat) and if not ignored to much, will continue to be lit several minutes after being put down. I also appreciate the packaging. The individual packaging ensures that they will be in one piece when I am ready to enjoy one.
Dave in North Country New York August 24, 2010
"The Very BEST !!"
Finest little cigar ever made for the small cigar smoker. Nothing comes close to the taste and enjoyment of this little fellow.
Leroy M in Ks. December 5, 2009
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10 Construction (86) 100
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