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Havana Honeys Dominican Reviews

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Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"wooden dowel"
If I find one that is smokeable it is my favorite, but easier to draw on a wooden dowel. Can not the make figure this out?
Gary in United States January 26, 2013
Havana Honeys Vanilla (10)
"Fine little Cigar for the money"
Love the taste of the Havana honey vanilla, some are packed a little tight, other than that a nice short smoke.
Mel Massey in Georgia January 22, 2013
Havana Honeys Del Sol Vanilla
"Giving up on these"
I've had a lot of these, they taste great. I've had quite a few that were hard to draw, but last night I bought one to smoke at the bar and couldn't get it to draw at all, moving on to something else... what am I going to do with the ones in my humidor? hmmm
bob in ND November 11, 2012
Havana Honeys Rum (10)
Havana Honeys Rum are treat with coffee,teas,and wine.
Autumn in USA October 1, 2012
Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"great if you can smoke it"
great cigar onle its tough to find one thats not tight.i bought two boxes its at best 50/50 on smokeable tight.
michael in bremerton wa September 30, 2012
Havana Honeys Vanilla (10)
50/50 if you get one you can smoke you will enjoy it. most are so tight you you cant even smoke it.
michael in bremerton wa September 30, 2012
Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"Extremely hard draw."
Like others have stated here the draw is extremely hard, Almost to a point where you can't any draw at all. I had to constantly roll the damn thing in my hand to help loosen it what not do much anyways. I would not buy these again. I would much rather buy a Tatiana for that nice sweet flavor or, for a little more money, an Acid Kuba Kuba.
michael in bremerton wa September 30, 2012 August 21, 2012
Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"Not this time"
While I have a deep love for Havana honey's, I was rather disappointed with the ones I received from here. The flavor was right, if you could get to it through the almost unsmokable hard draw
Travis in Oklahoma August 1, 2012
Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"Try something else"
This is one of the worst cigars I have *attempted* to smoke. I have to admit that it had a descent taste, when you got there. The draw was way off and could not get any smoke through. Not to mention, the burn was super uneven in the first inch. I will not be getting another Havana Honey.... Too bad I cant get a refund!
Jeremy in Arizona June 26, 2012
Havana Honeys Blackberry (10)
"Best small cigar ever"
Great small cigar, you can actually taste the flavor while smoking. Nothing else comes close. I highly reccomend.
Buddy in md. September 22, 2011
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