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Havana Honeys Dominican Reviews

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Havana Honeys Del Sol Honey
"Try something else"
This is one of the worst cigars I have *attempted* to smoke. I have to admit that it had a descent taste, when you got there. The draw was way off and could not get any smoke through. Not to mention, the burn was super uneven in the first inch. I will not be getting another Havana Honey.... Too bad I cant get a refund!
Jeremy in Arizona June 26, 2012
Havana Honeys Blackberry (10)
"Best small cigar ever"
Great small cigar, you can actually taste the flavor while smoking. Nothing else comes close. I highly reccomend.
Buddy in md. September 22, 2011
Havana Honeys Rum (10)
"Excellent cigar for the price."
For the price these cigare are a perfect smooth slightly sweet taste.
Buddy in md. September 22, 2011 August 25, 2011
Havana Honeys Honey (10)
"Nice & Smooth"
Nice little cigar for an afternoon smoke.
Kell in FL February 28, 2011
Havana Honeys Honey (10)
"Expected more"
After reading reviews and hearing people say Havana Honeys are some of the best flavored cigars, I finally gave the cigarillos a try. I got the honey ones and well... taste was ok... the honey taste Im guessing is just on the wrap because you can only taste it on your lips not really in the smoke like others I have had. Also the draw was not good at all its like drinking a frozen milkshake literally and practically no smoke.
Johnny in San Diego December 6, 2010
Havana Honeys Del Sol Vanilla
"Buy it for the room note~"
I was at a wine festival and had to follow my nose to a wonderful aroma. Surely enough, it was these. I bought a box and enjoy them. However, I can honestly say that it is more pleasurable to be in the company of one of these cigars vs. actually smoking it.
Rocky in Glen Ellyn September 21, 2010
Havana Honeys Vanilla (10)
"nice cigar"
nice little cigar , smells good, nice flavor. no bad after taste. can't go wrong
Pete in Winnipeg May 28, 2010
Havana Honeys Blackberry (10)
"nice little cigar"
great little gigar for those golf days or sitting outside by the bbq.nice aroma. does not affend.and not harsh.
Pete in Winnipeg May 28, 2010
Havana Honeys Rum (10)
"Quite satisfying"
The first time I had one of these I knew I had to keep them available for future smokes. While occasionally, their burn is not the best, I think the flavor outweighs that small distraction. Quite a delightful little smoke.
Marty in Arlington, May 17, 2010
Havana Honeys Honey (10)
"Very smooth, sweet cigarillo."
I agree wih other commentor about the inconsistient draw. Some are better than others, but I found these cigars to be very tasty indeed, and worth the occasional poor burn.
Marty in Arlington May 3, 2010
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