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I had high hopes for these cigars... Until I smoked a couple. They are packed too tight! You can't even smoke them unless you poke it with a rod. My search continues...
Uniquely_Asian in Florida January 19, 2014
"Tip s to a Great Smoke!"
I have been smoking these for quite some time now and had the few problems mentioned by all. A quick fix to these is to open your first box and cut the tips of all 10 off about 1/4 of an inch, Take the tips you just cut and get them wet, not soaking then place them back in the box cut side down. Place cigars back into the box except for 3 of them and keep the tips on 1 side and cigars and inch away from the tips. As you take one out to smoke rotate from the far side of box to closer to the cut tips. If the are still a little hard to draw. Place them on a flat surface and roll them putting light pressure while you do to loosen up the packing from the middle to the draw end. It works for me I order them in bricks so the ones I do a quick refresh to is a good fix while the rest are in my humidor .Good luck an my many smoke rings come your way.
Charlie in Minnesota January 13, 2014
"Nice Taste But Bad Draw."
Very bad draw.
Craig Richburg in Columbia, Maryland November 29, 2013
"Horrible Draw"
Nice taste but HORRIBLE draw. Tried sucking on 4 of these and had to throw away the rest of the tin. You shouldn't have to work at enjoying cigar.
Steve G. in Indiana September 4, 2013
"Nice & Smooth"
Nice little cigar for an afternoon smoke.
Kell in FL February 28, 2011
"Expected more"
After reading reviews and hearing people say Havana Honeys are some of the best flavored cigars, I finally gave the cigarillos a try. I got the honey ones and well... taste was ok... the honey taste Im guessing is just on the wrap because you can only taste it on your lips not really in the smoke like others I have had. Also the draw was not good at all its like drinking a frozen milkshake literally and practically no smoke.
Johnny in San Diego December 6, 2010
"Very smooth, sweet cigarillo."
I agree wih other commentor about the inconsistient draw. Some are better than others, but I found these cigars to be very tasty indeed, and worth the occasional poor burn.
Marty in Arlington May 3, 2010
"Not a bad cigar"
Good little cigar if you don't have a lot of time. Good draw and burn. It is a solid 5 in my book.
Cranky in New Holstein December 6, 2003
"excellent quick smoke"
Very pleasant little cigar. Nice quickie. I prefer these to CAO Honey tins.
Janice in Brookhaven,Pa. November 11, 2003
"Great little smoke!"
These are a great smoke when you don't have a lot of time. Not real consistent, though. Some draw tough, others better.
Pat in York, PA March 31, 2003
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