Rosewood Punch Cutter: With Keyring & Plug Ejector

Rosewood Cigar Cutter
With Keyring & Plug Ejector

$7.99Retail Price: $ 16.00
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$7.99Retail Price: $ 16.00
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$6.95Retail Price: $ 16.00
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$7.99Retail Price: $ 16.00
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A step-up from your typical cigar punch cutter at a low price. This model sports a laminate rosewood finish with brass accents, a replaceable, razor-sharp circular blade, and a key ring. Built-in spring ejector pops out the tobacco plug when you remove the cutter. Great for wide ring cigars.
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"Seems fine to me "
Good quality for the price, I was happy with the purchase. If you're just lookin... more
R.J. in East Stroudsburg, PA
"Not of highest quality. "
The outer 2 rings that structurally make the cutter ring flush and safe in your ... more
D Carson in Los Angeles, CA
"pretty nice and sturdy "
Bought this because I was tired of forgetting my cutter or my vector(with the pu... more
Ian in Columbus,Ohio
"Looks nice but not very sharp "
Great looking but not very sharp. I can find a way sharpen it its just a disappo... more
Evan in Maine
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