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Helix Reviews

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Helix X748
"Does not taste good"
Construction was good but taste mostly like smoking hay. I did not like the taste at all.
Ed in New England August 11, 2014
Helix X652
"Don t waste your money"
Taste is OK but construction is terrible. Packed way too tight. I tried a 5 pack and 3 had severe draw issues.
Ed in New England August 11, 2014
Helix X550
"Not Bad"
A mild cigar that has a good taste of tobacco. Nothing special but none the less not bad for an easy smoke. Draw, burn and construction was good and had no issues.
Anthony in California June 29, 2013
Helix X550
"Nice cigar"
I was looking for a mild cigar to add to the humidor full of medium strength cigars. After the intial light up, the cigar burned a little harsh and peppery, but after a minute or two it smoothed out nicely with a smooth tasty easy draw. Good smoke, good draw, good ash, good burn. Held up nicely. I enjoyed it all the way to the end.A very good, smooth inexpensive cigar for a daily visit. I recommend it.
Gary in Covina, Calfornia June 21, 2012
Helix X748
"very good"
These cigars are very good for the price. I ordered a box for a fishing trip and they were worth every penny. Every cigar was perfect.
Mike in Chicago October 13, 2011
Helix Cylinders
"Not For Me"
I smelled this Cigar thinking it would have a great taste. I was Very Wrong! The appearance was impressive but the taste was Positively horrible. I spent aprox 7 minutes working through it and its just a taste that I can't approve of. Titan Phillies have a far superior taste and they are throw away cigars. I couldn't even finish this Helix. Look somewhere else for your enjoyment!
Shane in Tennessee June 19, 2011
Helix X652
This is a very mild smoke but it is great if that is what you are looking for. Its a great size, build, and smokes great. If your looking for a very mild smoke you can't beat this for the money.
Adam in Georgia April 17, 2011
Helix X550
"Great Smoke."
This is a great quick smoke. It is mild and smooth.
Adam in Georgia April 4, 2011
Helix X748
A mediocre smoke, with modest flavor. Burn was average, draw and construction was good.
Chris in Oregon April 1, 2011
Helix X652
"Good overall cigar"
The Helix 652 is a good cigar.I am new to cigar smoking,but the taste kept me wanting more,natural and earthy.I thought the draw was a little tight,with not alot of smoke.The look is so,so,but all the other things about the Helix is good.Would like to try the maduros next time.Smoke on!
Dean P in Athens,Pa. January 12, 2011
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