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Helix Reviews

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Helix X550
"A long lasting Robusto"
This cigar serves very well as my every afternoon smoke. It consistently produces a slow burn and never bites back.
Bob in Cedar Rapids, IA August 25, 2010
Helix X550
"one of the worst"
i have smoked a lot of cigars but this my far is one of the worst ever,this thing tasted like i was smoking the ash of an already smoked cigar. the smell was terrible and the aftertaste was so bad i had to go brush my teeth to get rid of it. Terrible
mark in toledo July 14, 2010
Helix X748
"One of the best every day cigars I have had"
This is one of the best every day cigars that I have had in a very long time.
David in Houston June 15, 2010
Helix X550
"Not smooth"
I had high hopes for these but it fell short after about four of them, the fifth fell apart on me within three minutes of smoking it. They look nice, smell good, and have a great draw and burn but they are harsh. Would not buy them again get Macanudo instead of these.
Ryan in Las Vegas May 6, 2010
Helix X550
"No thanks"
Terrible draw. I almost sucked out a filling trying to smoke this. Meanwhile the end kept unraveling. I thought someone had given me a prank cigar so I put it down before it exploded in my face.
Brian in STL March 22, 2009
Helix X550
"too hot"
too loose...too mild...burns too hot...
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
Helix X652
"Very good for the money"
Not a bad cigar for the money. Very tasty.
Les in Texas November 27, 2008
Helix Super 8
"After the first inch it can't be beat"
Give this a chance. I didn't like at first, but after the first inch or so I couldn't get enough
jschram in joliet November 5, 2008
Helix Super 8
"Fantastic Cigar, Phenomenal Price"
The first time i smoked a Helix, i was quite impressed. i spent about an hour and a half with a friend smoking this. We could not stop with great things to say about it. The good price, the smoothness of the tobacco, how consistent the construction was. I have purchased more of these, and i am always impressed with how firm and well built these cigars are. I enjoy some machine rolled cigars, and am always dissapointed when i come across one with a soft spot in the middle. I like my cigars solid and well built like chuck norris. No room for soft spots in these fantastic cigars. One of the smoothest and enjoyable smokes at a sub $10 price. I hate to admit this, but it rivals some of the Juliettas i have had.
Patrick in Albany NY October 25, 2008
Helix XP (Pyramid)
"Good everyday cigar..."
Can't beat it for the price. I'll be buying more for sure...
Mark in Chicago September 29, 2008
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