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Helix Reviews

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Helix Super 8
"Fantastic Cigar, Phenomenal Price"
The first time i smoked a Helix, i was quite impressed. i spent about an hour and a half with a friend smoking this. We could not stop with great things to say about it. The good price, the smoothness of the tobacco, how consistent the construction was. I have purchased more of these, and i am always impressed with how firm and well built these cigars are. I enjoy some machine rolled cigars, and am always dissapointed when i come across one with a soft spot in the middle. I like my cigars solid and well built like chuck norris. No room for soft spots in these fantastic cigars. One of the smoothest and enjoyable smokes at a sub $10 price. I hate to admit this, but it rivals some of the Juliettas i have had.
Patrick in Albany NY October 25, 2008
Helix XP (Pyramid)
"Good everyday cigar..."
Can't beat it for the price. I'll be buying more for sure...
Mark in Chicago September 29, 2008
Helix X652
"Great Value"
I'm on my third box. This is a quality cigar at a good price. I've paid twice as much for cigars half as good.
Brian in Bloomington, MN August 22, 2008
Helix Cylinders
"A completely forgettable cigar"
the Helix is, at best, an adequate smoke. the draw was incredibly hard, the flavor unremarkable, and the burn uneven. while not as bad as some, it is certainly not the best, nor even close. It does not, in my humble opinion, deserve the aplomb with which it has been trerated.
Michael in Washington July 22, 2008
Helix Super 8
"Helix super 8 is a grand slam."
good to the last puff.
barry in westchester il. April 11, 2008
Helix X550
"Good first impression."
After hearing a friend comment on this "fine" cigar I decided to stop at the local smoke shop to give it a try. My first impression was a good one. This cigar is good for the "beginner" that wants a consistent, full-bodied flavor that isn't too overdone, with a nice aroma and good price. The burn was a bit erratic in one, but a fine cigar indeed. It's on my list and highly recommended.
Rev. J. Sherwood in Seymour, CT. January 26, 2008
Helix Tubular Broadleaf
"Nice begginer cigar"
Bought a 5x50 tubular Maduro on whim. Very impressed with this smoke, mild and light. Smooth and cool. I normally smoke a pipe, so I kept waiting for this to get hot and/or bitter like a lot of the cigars I buy, but it never did. For once I really got my money's worth as I smoked it right down to where there wasn't much to go out. I prefer the Lonsdale size, I'll definitely be investing in a small humidor and a box of the Lonsdale Maduros
Shelby in Oregon November 15, 2007
Helix XP (Pyramid)
This smoke had a wonderful,smooth ,mild flavor.Was a bit hard to get lit,but once I got it going,it burned very even.The draw was hard,like it was twisted inside and the end had several stems in it.Once I removed the stems,the draw improved,but then it started falling apart.Hope this is not an indication of all HELIX cigars.Will try again soon.
Brian in Fairborn, Ohio November 11, 2007
Helix XP (Pyramid)
Won a 5 pack of these at a great price.Was the first thing I lit when I opened the UPS package.First look at these was very good.When I FINALLY got the thing lit,the taste was great.Was very hard to draw,but worth it as the taste was great.About half way through,it started burning down one side wich was easily fixed.Never got hot,but past halfway it started to come apart.Very mild in flavor.Was worth what I paid,but not too much more.Would never pay retail for these smokes
Brian in Fairborn, Ohio November 10, 2007
Helix XP (Pyramid)
"Daddy Like"
Got a 5 pack of the Pyramids. They did not last long. I have a huge selection of cigars to choose from and frequently switch selections. Well, after I tried the first Helix XP, the other 4 were moved up in the batting order. I really enjoyed the shape, smell, and easy draw these cigars have. Have since purchased more, this time even a 5 pack of the maduro.
Milkco in Cincinnati, OH October 20, 2007
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