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"Not For Me"
I smelled this Cigar thinking it would have a great taste. I was Very Wrong! The appearance was impressive but the taste was Positively horrible. I spent aprox 7 minutes working through it and its just a taste that I can't approve of. Titan Phillies have a far superior taste and they are throw away cigars. I couldn't even finish this Helix. Look somewhere else for your enjoyment!
Shane in Tennessee June 19, 2011
"A completely forgettable cigar"
the Helix is, at best, an adequate smoke. the draw was incredibly hard, the flavor unremarkable, and the burn uneven. while not as bad as some, it is certainly not the best, nor even close. It does not, in my humble opinion, deserve the aplomb with which it has been trerated.
Michael in Washington July 22, 2008
"Jury still out"
Outstanding packing in a cedar lined aluminum tube. Well preserved. Appearance is good, well constructed, somewhat veiny leafed. First third of the smoke was delightfull with long firm ash, good flavorfull smoke, a little too easy to draw. The middle third had problems with canoeing and needed 2 relights, taste remained good. The final third was a little harsh probably due to excess draw to keep it lit despite blowing out excess build up. A good mild smoke, not in the class of a Mac. Baron Von...
Jeff in Oregon August 15, 2006
"Smooth, nice construction."
I bought an assortment with a Helix in the mix. Thought it would be a fair smoke but was surprised at how smooth and consistant the smoke was. I will add these as an every day smoke to my humidor.
Dan Yurko in NC. July 26, 2006
"Best mild on the market"
This cigar has amazing flavor for its non-complex filler. It is number one on my list of mild cigars due to its overall value; Cheap, very high quality, and great taste. The smoke is a cloud of peacefully heady sweetness. With a subtle floral spice. It does end a bit harsh, due only to the fact that I smoke them 'til my whiskers and nose hairs burn. This cigar is substantially better than Ashton in my book, and for around 2 bucks per stick, IT IS the best mild on the market!
Tyler Christy in Ft. Collins, CO June 28, 2006
"Good Solid Smoke"
Solid smoke! Mild, aromatic, good burn, good price. If you like these, try the La Unica brand (or visa versa).
Mike in Pittsburgh, PA October 30, 2004
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10 Burn (82) 100
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10 Consistency (84) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Taste (86) 100
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10 Construction (85) 100
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