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Helix X550 Reviews [view details]

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"Surprisingly nice cigar, very subtle, creamy"
... is nicely constructed, smooth tan, almost biege wrapper with a very mild pre light aroma. But it lights easily and evenly and immediately develops a mild, sandy slightly spicey flavor, not complex, but quite pleasant. The first third smoked evenly, growing steadily richer, until the middle third was thick, creamy and rich, almost like a french vanilla ice cream, only without the sweetness and still dry. The last third developed the slightest buzz, but not enough to prevent immediately lighting another!
Overworked in CA April 10, 2006
"worth the try"
i tried this smoke not because of the reviews i have read about, but the aroma i could detect from a friend of mine lighting one up. i understand everyone has different views and likes in their smoke but i do have to say, i enjoyed this smoke beginning to end. i didn't buy this cigar, it was gifted to me but i would sure as hell buy a box if i had the chance. a mild cigar with very good smoke. it had a good even burn with a rich looking ash that held strong through wind that wipped around the picnic table at work. a good solid cigar for everyday smoking.
Randy V. Dockery in The great state of Tn. March 4, 2006
"Not worth the money"
A lot of hype surrounded this brand upon its release a couple of years ago. Had little to no flavor then and still lacks any depth now. It's like smoking a cotton ball !
S.E. Noonan in Upstate New York January 6, 2006
I got 5 of these free with a box of tubular maduros, the maduros or good but theses naturals have a very unpleasant flavor and are quite harsh.
Fred in Panajachel, Guatemala December 4, 2005
Cigar had nice appearance and aroma. Really nice draw. The trouble started when I lit the cigar. Could not keep it from tunneling. Could not keep it lit, either. Was in my humidor for two weeks at optimum humidity. May have just been the occasional dud, but wont chance it when there are so many other great smokes.
Joel in Tennessee January 13, 2005
"The Helix Line"
I have had the pleasure of trying several lines of Helix. My favorites are the 652 Natural. I have smoked at least 3 boxes and each and every one has been a pleasure. The Helix XP for a Maduro has outstanding burn, consistency and flavor. It does not smoke as a Full Bodied cigar as most. For a shorter smoke the Cylinders and Tubos are simply "Outstanding". Helix has become my evening with coffee outside on the deck "special".
Ed Lawson in Washington State July 2, 2004
"Great draw, even burn and wonderful finish!"
Very nice smooth, flavor. Very good draw and an even burn. Beautiful white ash and no harsh aftertaste in the last 2"!!
Eric Skirko in Washington State Coast April 19, 2004
"Geat smoke."
I have been ordering from Famous for a year or two and am always looking for a deal. I found one in Helix 550. The draw, taste and head are the most important things in a cigar and this one delivers on all three. The price is right were it needs to be for a daily cigar smoker with a watchful wife. Hey Famous, keep up the good work.
Vance Barnes in West Bend, WI December 3, 2003
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10 Burn (81) 100
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10 Consistency (80) 100
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10 Draw (84) 100
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10 Appearance (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (80) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
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