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Favorites & Other Famous Web Features

What are Favorites?

Favorites are your personal selection of cigars from our vast inventory. By taking the time to set up a Favorites list, you get some unique benefits:

  1. Automatic Email Notification If your Favorites list includes popular brands or sizes that frequently go out of stock, we will email you once we have received at least 5 units of that item and they are placed in inventory. It is not necessary to register to have a Favorites list. (In order to receive emails when favorites are posted, however, you must be registered with Famous-Smoke.com)
  2. Customized Search Your Favorites list is the fastest way to see if the cigars you want are in stock. Feel free to bookmark or use our Quicklinks feature to access your Favorites page. Because much of our site is dynamic, however, bookmarks will not work on all pages.
Using Favorites the First Time

The first time you go to Favorites, it will read "You have no favorites!" To set up your Favorites, start by finding a cigar you'd like to add. Once you've found the cigar(s) you want, just click the "Add to Favorites" link. It's that simple!

Using the "Wish List" Feature

Checking up to ten items from your Favorites that you'd like to include in your Wish List, and then click "Send WishList." A window will pop up, where you'll type in the recipients' email address, your name and your email address. Customize the subject line and email text, if you wish, then click "Send." It's that easy!

Adding and Deleting Favorites

You can add to your list of Favorites at any time when you request a Search Results page or when you see a list of cigars in the Shopping Cart. Simply click the "Add to Favorites" link

If you wish to remove a cigar from your Favorites list, just click the "Remove Favorite" link from a search results page, or from your Favorites page.

NOTE: If you change your login (email address), for your online account, the favorites you selected previously will no longer appear. You will need to reset your favorites.

Email Notifications

Upon receipt of merchandise on your Favorites list, you will receive an automatic email notification within 24 hours. Please note that the email may have been sent en masse to other customers awaiting that same product's arrival and is an alert that we've received a minimum of 5 boxes of those cigars within the last 24 hours. There is no guarantee the cigars will still be in stock when you call or check the website. Act fast. We also reserve the right to halt email notification should we receive very limited stock on rare and exclusive items.


QuickLinks are a great way to browse the Famous Smoke Shop on-line store every time you log on. This easy to use, customizable feature can be found under the page heading tabs at the top left portion of the home page. Simply click on the link labeled "Edit Your QuickLinks." You will be taken to a page where a series of drop-down menus will let you choose up to five (5) pages or sections of our site you want to have "one-click" access to (e.g. Favorites, Help, My Account, etc.). After you have selected your QuickLinks, click the "Submit Changes" button. Your QuickLinks will now be displayed on the home page in the QuickLinks status bar and every time you log on to the site. You can change your QuickLinks at anytime or as often as you like.

Note that the available page choices have been pre-selected by our web developers. As you use this function, if you find other pages you think should be made part of Quick Links, please send an email to webmaster@famous-smoke.com.