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Henry Clay Rothchilde Reviews [view details]

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"can be overpowering but then I'm English"
I found these to do and taste just as expected. I found more full strength than full flavour though and people around me complained about the smell which is rare. Smoke after a good meal and having aged well first though. Not an 'everyday smoke' for me but every now and again I will visit them in the humidor.
roy.r (CreekEnd UK) in UK and USA October 9, 2007
"Pass on this one"
I bought a five pack of these based upon the stellar satisfaction ratings given by other smokers and value. The first two sticks have been a disappointment. Although there is some nice flavor, the cigar barely stays lit. It requires multiple puffs to get a decent mouthful to sample. It is nice looking but way too much work and has poor construction and uneven burning as well. Not a good choice.
The Hessian in October 8, 2007
Nice cigar, smooth! This tastes to me somewhat like the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte, but with a better flavor. Smooth, on the lighter side of medium. For a maduro it is mellow, creamy smooth! I would buy again! Did I mention Smooth?
Ari in Monsey, N.Y. July 24, 2007
"Not what was expected"
It smoked OK and burned well but I (along with my family) was disappointed with the lack of peppery and spice flavor (as described). Also, in the beginning it was OK but then later had a bit of ashy taste to it.
Daryle in California July 6, 2007
"The best yet"
I am a newcomer in the cigar arena, and I have been stumbling alone in the dark trying to find something for my neophyte taste buds. I tried La Gloria Cubana Serie R and a few Romeo y Julieta, both with inconsistent results. Great burn, stayed lit til the nub and still tasted great at butt length! I'll be ordering more.
Bill in Florida June 22, 2007
"If you like spicy cigars, this is for you!"
I have always liked full bodied cigars that have a lot of spice to them...well, i definitely found my calling in this cigar. I loved it!
Matt P in Shreveport, LA October 23, 2006
I'm a big fan of the full strength and full bodied blends of cigars. I usually don't buy Dominican smokes, as they tend to be a bit milder. Boy am I glad I decided to give Henry Clay a try! A puff on this cigar is certianly a mouthfull. A VERY full flavored cigar, loaded with peppery spice from the first puff to the last, and not a hint of bitterness. It also leaves nice notes of leather on the finish. Very full smoke volume, and even burn with a nice gray ash. This smoke will be too much for newer smokers, or fans of mild and mellow blends. But fans of spicy smokes should take note. Henry Clay blows alot of higher priced cigars out of the water. They'll sit in my humidor beside my Partagas Spanish Rasados, Black Labels and Padrons quite comfortably.
Jason in Youngstown October 7, 2006
"The Best of the Best, Bar None, I feel in Love"
I have been trying alot of cigars with bigger price tags. But you don't have to spend alot to get alot. Henry Clay is my favorite choice after I smoke one I was Hooked I Love this Cigar,now I only buy Henry Clays , Great Taste Great Smoke !
anthony in D.C. August 24, 2006
Good even burn and easy draw. At first this stick was nice and creamy but about 1 inch in, it turns bitter in a hurry. Would not recommend to my friends, but for people who think their friends the first inch will fool them!
A.BASS in LOUISIANA March 2, 2006
"Good Stick"
Today after lunch, I enjoyed my first Henry Clay Rothschild. It was part of a Dominican Robusto Sampler that I purchased on May 9th. I was more than happy with the look, feel, taste, aroma, burn and draw of the stick. In fact, I can't think of anything that I didn't like about it. I must try a few more to confirm...
F Orzel in New Jersey June 28, 2005
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