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This is truly and wonderful cigar with a pleasant taste & aroma one of my favorites -- try one
"A very underrated classic line."
This line, Henry Clay, in my opinion is one of the most underrated cigars that I have encountered in my 20 plus years of cigar smoking. This is a very close relative to the Cuban giants of the industry. The flavor is robust, spicy and bold. I would equate this to a bolder and more spicy type smoke similar to the Hemingway line by Fuente, but more so. If you haven t tried this line and you enjoy a full flavored classic along the lines of the fine Cubans, try this one.
Ken in Los Angeles, California December 11, 2013
"A flavorful and spicy smoke."
This is one of the most underrated cigars I have come across. I have been a fan of this line for a number of years and still to this day, some 15 years later after having discovered this line, rate this as a top notch smoke. I would highly recommend to someone looking for a flavorful and spicy fairly robust flavored smoke. It reminds me of the Hemingway line from Fuente but with a little more robust flavor combination.
Ken in Los Angeles, Calif December 11, 2013
If you know about it then you know about it...
in March 9, 2012
"Not for beginners"
This is a pretty stout cigar and I would not recommend it to the cigar novice like myself.
Caleb in Arkansas October 6, 2010
"Good affordable smoke!"
I will definitely be buying more of these. It is a nice smoke for this price range. It has that sweet maduro flavor,a lot of creamy/nutty undertones, and it burns well. Highly recommend if your looking for a mid priced "everyday" smoke.
Paul in Longview Washington October 27, 2008
"Delightful, like most Henry Clays!!"
This is a nice, smooth full flavored cigar that is somewhat spicy but just a pleasure to the nub. Perfect construction, draw and a great reliable smoke, as I seem to always find with Henry Clays. Probably more suited to the more experienced palate, this is not you kid brother's Macanudo!!!
Richie in Villanova, August 25, 2008
"MMMM Old Lady's perfume"
Someone told me this stick was similar to and RP Vintage; it was more like floral notes that steadily tasted more and more like an old ladies perfume. I felt ill after smoking this cigar - and it was nothing like the RP 1990 Robusto I had earlier this week.
djbates in Canada March 8, 2008
"Great Short Smoke"
I like this cigar very much. When you need a satisfying full bodied smoke, this is the one. Okay it might take a while to get it burning correctly, but it is well worth your paitence, when I don't have the Churchill time, this is the cigar I go to, great taste, and not that expensive.
Ron in Rocky Hill, CT November 18, 2007
"Gets milder"
A few months in the humidor seems to have mellowed out a bit of the 'peppery' flavor in these sticks. Makes them a bit easier to smoke earlier in the day, but, I'm a big fan of their peppery, full flavor. Guess I'll have to smoke them a bit faster. :)
Jason in Youngstown November 14, 2007
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10 Construction (88) 100
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