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Henry Clay Toro Reviews [view details]

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"The Perfect Cigar?"
I don't understand the low ratings - 80 - for Henry Clay cigars. Maybe they don't have the glitter of newer brands, but these cigars are top of the line. I would rate Henry Clay a 94 across the board using the same guide used by the experts. I have bought Henry Clays for ~30 years, and while I have changed much, Henry Clay cigars remain solid, dependable sticks that will bring a bad day up if paired with a fine cognac or brandy. Let the worries go while enjoying life because it is true, before you know it, your end of tomorrows will be close. Smoke this fine cigar, drink your cognac or brandy, or whatever suits you, Henry Clay will be the same: a robust, hearty smoke that will lift the fog and bring you back to your senses!!
Oakley in Orangeburg, SC September 26, 2014
"Totally Under Rated!"
With all the boutique cigars on the market today, people have either lost their appreciation for, or just have'nt experienced what a good classic Cuban cigar is supposed to taste like. Henry Clay is about as close to what a "Cubanesque" cigar should be. Definitely full flavored and not for the occasional cigar smoker. Id put a Henry Clay up against a Cohiba any day.
El Jefe in Warren, PA February 15, 2013
A Favorite! Ordered a box after reading the reviews. Definitely different, strong, and lots of flavor. Time for another box.
Bob in Nacogdoches, Tx. September 19, 2012
"Hello to a old freind"
It's been a few years since I smoked a Henry Clay and I had to wonder what distracted me from these fine examples of a near (very near)perfect go to cigar or rather automatic choice when I'm undecided about 'what cigar do I smoke'. Great taste,burn,etc... I have to make shure I have a few on hand for those times. the cigar had me recalling a few times I had one at the perfect moment or the moment was perfect you know a Sunset/camp fire those sorta things
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation(reservation)Wi. October 22, 2011
"Very Pleasing Cigar!!"
What a smoke... perfect flavor, smoke length is just right,, Great with coffee!!
Jeff in West Virginia September 27, 2008
"Great Consistency"
Most consistent cigar I have smoked over the last five years. Haven't had a bad one yet. This cigar is robustly satisfying and the price is right.
Joe in Connecticut August 17, 2008
"Great old favorite"
Nice peppery full bodied smoke. Kinda like a good older bird dog; may not look like much, but damn that dog can hunt!
Darin M in Missouri June 25, 2008
"Superb Value and Flavor"
I've smoked the Brevas Conservas on and off for many years and loved them for appearance, flavor and price. I received this Toro (aka Senator) in a GC sampler, and loved it from the first puff. Big "mouth" of rich, full flavored smoke. Easy, even burning. No hot burn or harshness to it. I don't even get the "pepper" others do. Just robust dominican ligero flavor inside that signature oily wrapper. I agree that this is not the "full flavor" some might be expecting. I consider Oliva O maduros to be FULL flavor. So Henry Clay's might not live up to your expectations. And the Brevas Conservas don't have the girth to deliver the heavier blast. But try a Toro 50x6. I believe you'll get the unique flavor and the fullness you're looking for, and at an excellent price.
Marv in Oklahoma City May 25, 2005
"Pass the pepper!"
Henry Clays have been a favorite of mine for more than 10 years now. Beautiful, oily wrappers contain a hearty, peppery taste. The 'bang-for-buck' value is tremendous, and the rich history of this brand (once produced in Cuba) is worth looking into.
Clint Johnson in West Hills, CA January 4, 2005
"Good Cigar with great taste"
I purchased one of these a couple of days ago, and WOW! It was a great smoke. I tasted great and never had a harsh taste. The burn was even and it was quite enjoyable. Will buy again.
Jason Estes in Elma, Washington August 13, 2004
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10 Burn (79) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (80) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (77) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (76) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (83) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (77) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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