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Honduran Bundles Reviews

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Plasencia Honduran Toro
"Bad choice"
Value is one thing but this smoke is not worth a nickle.
CJ in Northwoods June 3, 2013
Plasencia Honduran Toro
"20+ years of reliabilty"
I've been ordering and smoking this cigars for over 20+ years. It is consistent, good draw and inexpensive. I smoke 2 - 3 a day. Dependable and tasty. Occasionally , I get a couple of tightly rolled, hard to draw in a bundle, but, hey, its a bundle.. Great and dependable for the price. I think that it has a good taste and burns smooth with a gray ash. It works for me...Try a bundle today, can't go wrong for the price. Enjoy! [:}=~
Isaac Mattingly in Converse, TX March 18, 2013
Honduran Churchill
"Forget it"
I read the reviews regarding canoeing, so I let the cigars rest in my humidor for a few months before smoking. I should correct myself and say attempting to smoke, as the cigar had severe canoeing. I had to trim it three times and relight before giving up 3/4 of the way through. Someone from the Famous Smoke staff needs to smoke one of these to confirm they canoe, then stop selling these babies to avoid soiling their company's reputation. The only redeeming point: If you are trying to quit smoking, this is your cigar.
nhahguod in Minnesota February 25, 2012
Honduran Churchill
"Never again..."
I should have read *all* the reviews prior to purchasing these cigars. The taste is average and the burn is terrible. Worst Honduran I've ever smoked. The cigar canoes and you have to fight it throughout its full length, occasionally relighting, to attempt an even burn. Never again.
jetdrvr1 in Central Florida February 7, 2012
Honduran Lonsdale
"Honduran Lonsdale bundle"
Worst cigars I have purchased from Famous. Problems include tunneling and canoeing. Taste was harsh. I smoked five, the first three canoed badly the second two tunneled, save your money. I ended up throwing them in the trash reminding myself you get what you pay for.
Keith B in USA February 4, 2012
Honduran Churchill
"Darn Good Cigar"
I am pleasantly surprised by this cigar. All of these that I have smoked have burned very well, and even, with no runs or defects. The flavor profile is very good (especially for a cigar at this price point). While I demand this flavor profile in more expensive "connies", I am very pleased to find it in a less expensive bundle cigar. My only criticism would be the occasional cigar with a bad draw. I have had two of 12, thus far, that have had a bad draw (but were still smokeable). However, I personally do not find this to be significantly negative given the price point and overall quality of this cigar. Overall, I am pleased with this cigar and will buy again.
Bill K. in Savannah, Ga December 12, 2011
Honduran Churchill
"Ok for the price"
Not a bad tasting cigar but smoking them is a lot of work. The burn is poor, usually through the center of the cigar or uneven. I averages three relights per cigar. It does smoke better and taste better with age. No way its a "full" though. Mild is more like it.
David in Northern California November 18, 2011
Honduran Lonsdale
"Very Disappointed!"
Worst burning, poorest tasting cigars I have purchased from Famous. Burn problems include tunneling and canoeing, and all drew with significant difficulty. Also, taste tended to be harsh.
Michael K in Grand Prairie, TX October 2, 2011
Honduran Churchill
"Consistently great smoke for the money"
Have ordered these several times and have never been disappointed. Nice roll, great draw and consistent burn.
Marc in Duluth GA September 15, 2011
Honduran Toro
Very disappointed. Had these listed as my favorites from years ago but I'll tell you what, someones cutting corners now. Harsh taste. Need to sit another 5 yrs. Return to sender! Pass on these.
Gary in Milwaukee August 27, 2011
La Floridita Fuerte
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