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Honduran Bundles Reviews

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Honduran Toro
You have to fight this crap smoke from front to back. If I could afford to flush money down the toilet I would throw these in the crapper. You have to keep your lighter in one hand while you try to keep this turd burning in the other. The taste is as bad as a cheap La Floridita I had the misfortune to buy. I?ve tried many of the less expensive bundles looking for an affordable utility smoke but I?m giving up.
Tony Reese in Georgia January 4, 2011
Honduran Rothschild
I was given this cigar as a gift from a friend and when I first looked at it I thought that it was a very nice looking smoke, I let it set in the humidor for a few days before I smoked it. When I lit it up, it had really good draw to it and was burning really nice to the 1/4 point of the stick, it started to crackle like the sound of ice cracking when you walk on it as I smoked it. Once it got hotter the wrapper on it just crumbled to bits and was pretty much gone by the half way point, the taste was great and it still burned straight even though the wrapper was mostly gone from it. I had no other issue with it to the end of the stick.
Ron in Northern Michigan December 26, 2010
Honduran Torpedo
"You get what you paid for"
Was OK But didn't like to stay lit, some had hot spots Burned uneven and ash was odd color .
Miles in Baltimore November 9, 2010
Honduran Rothschild
"Starts ok but goes downhill fast."
I bought two of these, one turned out ok the other rather poor. The initial taste is good, similar to a good stout beer, but it get harsh towards the midway point. By the end it smelled more like a fire cracker than a cigar. One of the sticks burned very well. The other stick was difficult to keep burning and it burned VERY uneven. I wont be ordering any more of these.
Duncan in Poplar Bluff, MO September 23, 2010
Honduran Corona
"Save your money"
I should have read these reviews... Poor quality and I am not that fussy. Extremely difficult draw. Not worth the effort. Stuck with 2 bundles to get through... They sre consistant though..POOR
John F. in South of Boston August 22, 2010
Honduran Rothschild
had high hopes for a price oriented quality cigar but let down . very hard to light and even harder to keep burning didnt know they made fire safe cigars now. wouldnt recomend to anyone.
andrew in cincinatti August 16, 2010
Honduran Toro
"Nice smoke !"
Good maduro smoke ! I'm buyin' em' again ! Hey, they ain't cubans, but you ain't gonna find em' for two bucks a stick ! Nice woody outputs. Torward the middle a nice chocolatey mocha coffee thing goin' on. Yeah, I'm gettin' em' again. And screw all these whiney coneseiurs ! I'd give em' an' 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.
morriah in colorado June 11, 2010
Honduran Churchill
"Damn fine for the price"
This was SUCH a tasty gar. VERY smooth and mild, and yet tasty as heck! Def pick up a few of these to try. Im ordering a box!!
Matt May 20, 2010
Honduran Corona
"Not Worth It!"
Upon opening this cigar, it was quite resinous and sticky. It was almost like it had been dipped in honey and left to dry, but never fully dried. It had to be relit several times and trying to draw off it was like trying to draw off a mop handle. It burnt uneven as well. The flavor was quite pleasing however, had it not been, I would have put it out within the first few minutes. Bottom line: Better cigars out there for the $.
Mike in Boston May 5, 2010
Honduran Churchill
"Very poor burn"
The filler is packed to loosely causing the burn to go down the center only. You have to keep on clipping the binder and wrapper off to keep it lit. For every 3 draws, I had to clip off 1 inch of binder and wrapper.
Richard in Long Beach, CA March 17, 2010
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