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Honduran Bundles Reviews

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Honduran Churchill
"Good & Bad"
I orderd 20 cigars. The cigars from 2008 were very dry and almost unsmokable, but the cigars from 2009 were excellent. They blow away Rocky 2nds.
Krispy2112 in Cheddar Land February 4, 2010
Honduran Churchill
"Beautiful cigar the looks fooled me"
A very handsom cigar I got off the auction and I am glad it was only ten. The first one I fired up was all good so far as taste and aroma goes then I noticed I had no ash just a dried up wrapper yes the dreaded tunneling was taking place right before my eyes. Then the next one and the next one again. I let the rest rest for a while and still the same results. Good thing I have some back-ups for situations like this.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation of wisconsin February 2, 2010
Honduran Toro
"I was let down with these"
I got ten off the auction and I am glad it was only ten @ what I concidered a nice price. If I bougt them @ the full price I would be yelling and screaming about how I've been had. All of them it seems have too thick of a binder or maybe it.s the wrapper? every one so far has tunneled their way all the way to china. and to add to that the more I ( tried ) smoked the uglyier the taste got something like tar. i will put them ( the few remaining ) @ the bottom of the humidor for several months and see if it helps any.
Buffalo S in Oneida Wi February 2, 2010
Honduran Churchill
"Great cigar for the money"
I love this cigar for the price and the taste. If you are lucky to win them at auction it is even better. They have not been up for auction in a long time, hope they come up soon.
Stephen in St. Louis September 27, 2009
Honduran Toro
I like Honduran cigars, but this is something different. I just tossed a bundle of these after a year of aging. I had hoped the tar-paper taste would mellow out some, but even mellow tar-paper is not enjoyable. The wrapper looks like tar-paper, thick and black. Then comes the surprise: it also smells and tastes like burning petroleum products. Since the first half-inch smells like burning insect parts, I don't think most people would get beyond that. I think these tunneled pretty bad. I cannot be sure because after the first inch I gave up. Famous has their brand on many, many great cigars. These are not among that group.
Terrapin in Georgia July 21, 2009
Honduran Churchill
"50-50 chance"
The construction of these cigars are crap, taste is acceptable only. You can not enjoy any cigar that you have to fight all the time. they are not worth the constant canoeing You have put up with. they are not worth any amont of money I will never buy them again.
Hoss 1948 in Florida July 5, 2009
Honduran Toro
"50% so-far"
I won the Hunduran Toro Maduro 6x50 in an auction. When I git the from the Man with Brown(UPS)I was like a kid with a new toy. I just had to light one up. It was Crap. The draw was harsh, it canoed down almost half way. Nothing I tried worked. I put them in the humidor hoping the next one might be smokable(I don't even know it that's a word. I going to let them rest and give them another chance.
Hoss in Florida July 2, 2009
Honduran Rothschild
Good smoke, smooth burn....I liked them
SPANKY in ILLINOIS June 10, 2009
Honduran Rothschild
If you can get these on sale, they might be worth it. Not really worth $1 a stick, though, let alone more. They kind of remind me of the Tabamex maduros, and it wouldn't surprise me if these Hondurans get their wrapper from the San Andreas Valley. Just to be clear, I'm not saying these are unsmokable, just not to expect very much.
Marcos El Malo in Los Angeles April 21, 2009
Honduran Rothschild
"Not good because inconsistent"
Some were fair but most were not pleasant tasting - even after months in a humidor! In this case, I got what I paid for. Will not buy again
billsoccer February 8, 2009
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