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Hoyo De Monterrey Churchill Reviews [view details]

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First of all, I'm frankly disappointed in the other four reviews for this smoke. I have almost never had a tight draw on one of these and I've been smoking them for 2 years, one or two a day. (I did get one box once that was a bit milkshakey). I get them by the box, keep them in a humidor and they've always burned great! Those who have had the unraveling while burning problem must have left them laying out for a while (don't do that). For the buck this is the BEST bang you will find. Rich, flavorful and just plain enjoyable. I would highly recommend the Maduro wrapper. Smoke ON!!
Mike G in Seattle November 10, 2011
"Great taste, everything else was only ok"
I can't say enough about the great taste these cigars have. Flavorful and delicious, but the construction was not so great. The wrapper started peeling almost immediately, and was coming totally off by the end. Also, about 3/4 of the way down, it became impossible to draw from and I had to just ditch it. Great taste, maybe a different size would be better?
Mike in Ohio October 9, 2008
"Rich, flavorful, strong, but uneven"
The rich aroma before lighting promised a rich flavor, which it delivered from the first puff, with a medium to full earthy flavor. The appearance was excellent, but the construction slightly off center and as a result, the burn was uneven, accentuated by a wrapper of asymmetric and varying thickness. This distracted from the experience as the cigar progressed, and after the half way point, the flavor became a bit too thick. Perhaps a shorter stick would be better (at least for me.) The ash was excellent, white and solid, until the off center burn, at which time the shape curved off to the side. All in all, a decent, rich, somewhat heavier smoke. As a note, the "Churchill" is really a Lonsdale at 6.25 x 45.
Overworked in CA February 1, 2006
"Good Taste, Rotten Construction"
I received a Hoyo in a sampler and enjoyed the smoke, so I committed to buying a box. The taste was as fine as I remember, but the heads and caps of the cigars were cracked, peeling, and looked like a first of the summer sunburn. All in all, very disappointing.
S James in Johnstown, Co November 20, 2002
"Looks are deceiving"
Visually appealing but ultimately disappointing. A brutally tight draw tested my patience and I ultimately gave-up on it half way through. Too bad, not nearly as consistant as most of Hoyo's other offerings.
Dr. Turd in Shoreline,CT May 17, 2002
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10 Taste (81) 100
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10 Construction (72) 100
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