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Hoyo De Monterrey Reviews

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Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"Great cigars"
Great cigars nice even burn, nice even draw and nice flavors the flavors in the cigar for me was apple cider, cedar, cream, gingerbread, graham cracker, leather, pepper and some sweet grass like hay.
Larry in Wytheville, VA February 18, 2015
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"Great Value!"
These are one of my new favorite small cigars to smoke. The draw is perfect and the taste is very mild but smooth. I was able to smoke one of these for about 25 minutes before putting it out. These burn very nice and even. Highly recommended for the value.
Todd in Saint Louis June 2, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"Holy Smokes"
GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. this is a memorable smoke, excellent from start to finish.
Wayne in Albuquerque May 13, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
Pretty bland actually. Just sweet tobacco flavors the whole way through. No complexity and a little dry...
Wayne in Albuquerque May 13, 2013 May 11, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Sabrosos
Good burn, fantastic taste - very smooth all around.
JDC in Los Angeles, CA March 3, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"Great smoker"
Finest small stick I have smoked! It is long leaf filler! Excellent smoke for those with limited time to relax with a smoke.......that time shouldn't be wasted on an inferior cigar. These cigars are perfect!
Will in CA February 24, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Rothschilds
"A welcome Reminder of Greatness"
I just recieved my first box of hoyo and I must say that in smoking this cigar I am reminded of why the big brands are so big. This cigar has a pleasent aroma and great taste. definately some aged tobaco in there.
Anders in Fergus Falls MN January 31, 2013
Hoyo De Monterrey Rothschilds
"Yummy but..."
They're indeed great little cigars. Lots of flavors packed in a great vitola, IMHO. Overall, it's strongly recommended. The only negative comment would be about the construction. In all cases but one (already finished a box), the wrapper peeled off when cut. The band helped to keep it together, but it's still annoying.
Anders in Fergus Falls MN January 31, 2013 October 17, 2012
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"Great Smoke..!!"
I have tried dozens of smokes in this size range and these rank high in my book....beautifully boxed and wrapped, great aroma, burns nice and slow and tastes really good....try em you'll like em....
Morey in Cleveland July 12, 2012
Hoyo De Monterrey Sabrosos
I'm surprised with some of the reviews. I thought this stick was smooth, good burn, with a good taste. Draw and consistency were also good. But i have to say construction was weak and thin.
Ed in Pico Rivera, Ca. July 12, 2012
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