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Hoyo De Monterrey Reviews

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Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"I really liked it!"
This is a great and inexpensive cigar. Be sure to keep it at the right humidity level.
Fede June 1, 2012
Hoyo De Monterrey Churchill
First of all, I'm frankly disappointed in the other four reviews for this smoke. I have almost never had a tight draw on one of these and I've been smoking them for 2 years, one or two a day. (I did get one box once that was a bit milkshakey). I get them by the box, keep them in a humidor and they've always burned great! Those who have had the unraveling while burning problem must have left them laying out for a while (don't do that). For the buck this is the BEST bang you will find. Rich, flavorful and just plain enjoyable. I would highly recommend the Maduro wrapper. Smoke ON!!
Mike G in Seattle November 10, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
"Okay smoke and not harsh"
Pretty good smoke but made from scrap of long filled sticks maybe. Quite tasty for petit. Would like to see a little better price break on them... Maybe like .50 per stick would be a little more reasonable.
Don in Wa September 12, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Sabrosos
"Pleasantly surprised"
I got this in a sampler pack and was pleasantly surprised that such as small cigar could pack quite a punch.
Rod in Pa May 7, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"You cant go wrong with this Cigar!"
I have been a big fan of Sultans for years, they are not flashy or the new flavor of the month, however if you looking for a well made smooth medium cigar that will give you a great smoke and flavor with superior construction at an affordable price they your search has ended.
Tom in Rhode Island April 12, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Governor
"poor smoke"
pure garbage
guy January 28, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"Great Smoke!"
This is a great smoke, easy draw, nice medium flavor. You really cant go wrong. I have read some of the bad reviews and am shocked this has been my number one smoke for years. Perhaps product was old when they purchsed?
Tom in Rhode Island January 26, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Sabrosos
"Great Value"
For the money these are the best cigar made. I stay away from D.R. cigars, Because they DRAW to hard.These are a small cigar, but they are great in every way. Buy Honduran.
James D. Drake in DeLand, Fl. January 21, 2011
Hoyo De Monterrey Largo Elegante
"wrapped a little too tight"
Great taste. I actually perferred these over RP's cuban blend lancero. On the down side the draw is a bit too tight. Other than that I thought they were awesome.
mp in whittier, california November 11, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Rothschild 5 Pack
"Old Favorite Revisited"
Smoked Hoyo De Monterry's many years ago and they were a great smoke then. Strayed away from them over the years, always trying "NEW" blends that were out there. Recently smoked one again and all the reasons why I loved them came back when the cigar was done. Excellent construction, easy draw, thick clouds of smoke. Notes of pepper at the start and evolves into a earthy deep rich smoke with touches of black coffee and chocolate. A classic that is still great today.
N. Johnson in Herk. NY October 1, 2010
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