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Hoyo De Monterrey Reviews

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Hoyo De Monterrey Petit (10)
"mighty mouse packs a punch!"
This is one of the most flavorful cigarillos i ever had. It is small, but packs quite a punch. They're not kidding about it being full strength. I love these because they are a short smoke and they get the job done.
Captain Insanity in seattle, wa May 23, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Governor
"Great tasting maduro"
The Hoyo robustos taste like cardboard next to these (maybe because the Governers are one shade darker).Great taste,great aroma-hints of coffee and chocolate-which really comes out if you let them rest in the humidor a few weeks.Decent draw-you really can't go wrong with the price of these.Been smoking em' for many years,still a fav
Troy in Houston,Tx April 25, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Largo Elegante
"A First Class Smoke at Budget Price"
I smoked my first of these last night having bought them on a whim. I am a regular smoker of Cuban Hoyos living, as I do, outside the US. I have to say that I thought these Honduran cigars were exceptional. Beautifully constructed, excellent draw and a wonderfully rounded flavour and aroma made for a truly first class smoke. I enjoyed this almost as much as a Cuban Cohiba Lancero. A cigar of three parts in my view. Sweet and mild in the first third, followed by rich leather and spice in the second and finishing once again on a slightly lighter, mellow note. Not a trace of bitterness throughout meaning a delight from start to finish. I had none of the burn difficulties expressed by the gentleman from Seattle. Steady all the way through, I had 3 inches of ash clinging on at one stage. Near to cigar perfection at an amazing price.
DJT in Kabul, Afghanistan March 30, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona
"my new #1 for my new, young re-smoking career"
What a great cigar - at this time, it has to be my #1.. I couldn't resist and pared it with a double bock Salvator (beer). I wanted to smoke it down to nothing or use a clip!! used a v-cut (doing all v-cuts these days to compare) draw was EXCELLENT with the v-cut, unlike others that seem to draw too loose. While not as creamy at the start (or throughout to me - especially when compared to a Bolivar Cofradia Suntuoso Corona Extra) it was a bit spicy. I am not big on spice and there was certain amount of spice in the beginning (perhaps I lit it too harsh/wrong). After that (cold draw cold aroma matched) hints of coco and nuttiness after the first inch smoked and it would bounce between chocolate coco and nutty and every now and again some spice. (maduro wrapper)
cigarl0w in south bay, cali March 6, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit
I think I just found my everyday stick! Draw is perfect for me, which is a little on the loose side. Produces lots of rich smoke. This one goes on the favorites list.
Gary in Capitola, California February 3, 2010
Hoyo De Monterrey Rothschilds
DON in PHOENIX, AZ. December 26, 2009
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"Couldn't Finish It."
Not a very good cigar. The wrapper came apart in my hand and the draw was so light, I couldn't keep it lit. I didn't care for the taste either. I purchased it from a reputable dealer. Perhaps a bad one got through quality control and I was unlucky enough to spend my eight bucks on it.
Bob in Baltimore October 30, 2009
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"no biggie"
Will not buy again!!No flavor!
chris in virginia October 9, 2009
Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans
"Quality and flavor were AWFUL."
Harsh and nondescript, these overpriced sad excuses for cigars will never grace my humidor again. I was looking for a nice Maduro @ an affordable price and was rewarded with a stick which I had to put out time and time again until finally I just threw out the box. Badly constructed of inferior tobaccos which burned unevenly and wouldn't stay lit these almost attractive cigars just proved the old adage that One can't judge a book by its cover. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!
Steven in Sunny Florida June 30, 2009
Hoyo De Monterrey Sabrosos
"An Inferior Cigar..."
I was disappointed. The wrapper was thin and the cigar not rolled as tightly as others I prefer. The taste was disappointing, but with a surprisingly nice aroma.
Phil in Washington, DC May 28, 2009
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