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Hoyo De Tradicion Reviews

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Hoyo De Tradicion Toro
"Impressive, Creamy Voluminous Smoke"
So much to say, smoke this cigar anytime, medium body, full of flavor, great cigar.
David in Silver Spring, Maryland July 13, 2014
Hoyo De Tradicion Toro Grande
It was very bland at the head and the body tasted bitter and nasty! Then again in did not get to my house in good condition.
Alberto in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Hoyo De Tradicion Corona
"Hold out for a better stick..."
As Greg in Michigan also noted, this cigar was a huge disappointment to me. I was looking for a mid-range sort of cigar as an everyday kind of indulgence, and hoped this one would fit the bill. So, I left in my humidor for a while, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. At first, it burned evenly, produced a nice amount of smoke, and had a nice easy draw. However, as the cigar progressed, it burned horribly wavy, despite my attempts to correct it. It also required an insane amount of attention to keep it hot enough to continue burning, and the smoke it produced was bitter, like trying to suck on a hot car tailpipe just to get a mouthful of battery acid. Instead of buying 5 of these, save your money and buy one or two nice cigars instead.
Mitch in Portland, OR August 7, 2012
Hoyo De Tradicion Toro Grande 5 Pack
"I enjoyed the 5 I got..."
The Jury is still deliberating, but I so far enjoyed the 5 I've smoked. I will try some more and see if this is a smoke worthy of my humidor...So far, so good.
Rob Lynch...aka Felix the Cat in Tustin Ranch, Ca February 23, 2011
Hoyo De Tradicion Toro
"Must-try smoke!"
Hoyo did a solid job with these fantastic cigars. Solid construction (nice heft to it), nice even burn, lots of flavorful smoke, perfect draw, and I even like the obviously Cuban-inspired band. The rosado wrapper it to die for! If you like a medium/full flavored cigar, you'll definitely love these gems! I'm down to the last few in my current box and will need to order some more soon!
Greg in USA February 20, 2010
Hoyo De Tradicion Toro Grande
"Top Medium Must Try"
I'm on my 10th Hoyo de Tradicion Toro Grande. This cigar never disappoints. Exceptionally tasty, toasty and smooth with rich tobacco flavor and absolutely no bitterness from first draw to the nub. I can find no fault in this cigar, which, IMHO, is be best medium body/medium strength cigar anywhere. Being a box-pressed stick, the draw is firm as expected. The only real fault is that you need to set aside a long period of time to smoke the Toro Grande. I'll go for the Robusto size for my next box. Try this one -- I guarantee it will find a deserving spot in your regular rotation.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine June 11, 2009
Hoyo De Tradicion Toro
"One of The Top 25 cigars of the yr."
This cigar is a great blend and ill have everyone know if they do not already that this cigar was names one of The Top 25 Cigars of the year as per cigar aficionado. I recommend it also and that is just my personal experience, and i buy these by the box's. This cigar i would also like to note is so popular local cigar shops cannot keep up with the sales and keeping them in stock.. Do not wait on them to long for they will gain popularity and be a hot seller once people get there hands on this blend of cigar.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma April 26, 2009
Hoyo De Tradicion Corona
"up in smoke"
For the price not a bad smoke. Burns even and has a nice draw
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
Hoyo De Tradicion Corona
This is one of the worst cigars I have smoked. It has an inconsistent burn as well as draw. Each stick seems to be different from the last and the taste deteriorates almost to bitterness.
Greg in Mich September 1, 2008
Hoyo De Tradicion Epicure
"Another fine cigar."
It has an attractive somewhat shiney Rosado wrapper with minimal medium sized veins, good quality construction and feel in the hand. There's a mild prelight aroma and taste that is continued after lighting. Plentiful clouds of creamy smoke were rendered from each slightly filtered draw. The burn was almost perfect and didn't require a single touch up. The first ash dropped at close to an inch and a quarter and revealed a cone shapped cherry which is another indicator of quality rolling. I noticed occasional hints of sweetness but was unable to discern any other flavors. This cigar went very well with my morning coffee with creamer and raw sugar, both seemed to compliment the other. I have yet to try a second one so I can't yet rate the consistency.
nozero in Arlington August 24, 2008
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