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Humo Jaguar Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Killer Value"
Wonderful cigar for the $8ish price range. On sale at $3 its just silly! Big flavors, deep aged tobacco and dark fruit throughout. A little creamy textured smoke. Only negative I experienced was a snug draw that limited smoke output slightly more than usual. This was consistent with both that I smoked. Not even the slightest amount of bitterness and very little spice.
Jimmy in Knox TN June 8, 2014
"not entirely bad"
I purchased a box of these one day while they were on sale and found that with a small amount of age (8 months) they do get better tasting. I find that I must be in a certain kind of mood to smoke most Honduran cigars and this cigar is pretty decent most of the time. It is no Padron, it is however, a smoke that has found a niche in my rotation for the time being because once in a while a decent smoke can be selected. The consistency of this blend is not supurb, but so far I have only ended about three of these before the halfway point. Overall I would rate it as a 85.
andrew in minnesota March 19, 2014
"Ultimately disappointing"
Fantastic ash, excellent burn, and an outstanding, sturdy wrapper, but unfortunately the Robustos are rolled too tightly and have bitter, green flavors. The draw opened up actually after I peeled off the wrapper, and the stick did not come apart. Was wondering about aging these, but they ve already been aging since February 2011, haven't they?! I'd be curious to know what size they were smoking at the inaugural Humo Jaguar Festival when they picked this blend for being the best.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 7, 2014
"Go bigger"
Eh... Medium body and light to medium flavor. Medium or so nicotine. Given that I got it on sale I can t really complain, but the 6x60 is much better. Glad I didn't get box of these.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 4, 2014
"Unique & Epic"
Very unique smoke. Stands alone as truly one of a kind smoke. Box worthy for sure if you want a full flavored, rich smoke that stands alone. Must try for those who crave a bold stick.
MG in Tehachapi, CA August 12, 2013
"A Good Stick When On Sale"
I bought a box of these when they were on sale. they have a nice sweet aroma and flavor and the burn was self-regulating It's not exactly a very complex cigar, but it is tasty for a Honduran. Of course it does not have any of that zing you find in Nicaraguan or Cuban cigars, however it dose offer a good overall experience. Flavors include; stone fruit, hints of dry coco and Arabica coffe, leather and earth. I would not pay full price for these though, as they lack the balance found in some other cigars at that price point. So if that profile sounds appealing to you buy them while they are still on sale you will be pleased.
Anders in Minnesota August 4, 2013
"Pleasant smoke"
Got in a sample pack. Wrapper was a little blotchy, but over all construction was good. Firm construction. Draw through a punch was a bit too tight. Taste is great, nutty, earthy, creamy taste. Burned slightly off, but with minor tending, nothing too frustrating.
Christian in Colorado April 5, 2013
""good to the nub""
I got 2 of these in a sampler and I enjoyed them so 3 weeks later I got a 5 pk and I am enjoying them as well they are made perfect they burn great and taste outstanding. The oscura wrapped cigars are my fav and these are at the top of my list I have nubbed every one I have lit!!, Thanx for the new stick Famous!!
Lee S in Phila Pa January 5, 2013
"Great Smoke"
This is by far, one of the best cigars I have ever had. I smoke Cubans while on Vacation all the time. The draw, taste, and after taste were all on par with some of the best Cubans out there. This will be a repeat buy.
Mason in Ohio March 14, 2012
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10 Appearance (88) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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