2 3/4 Inch Diameter

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2 3/4 Inch Diameter
No humidor of any size should be without one of these. This brass accented analog hygrometer reads relative humidity AND temperature. One of the best accessories you can buy to monitor the conditions in your box and assure your cigars are always fresh.
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"Not very adjustable "
Very flimsy, the needle moves with the slightest touch. I also did two salt test... more
Brian in Ma
"Once Calibrated "
This works perfectly after a couple of salt calibrations. I like to make sure.
dan in CA
"Perfect after calibration "
This hygrometer is perfect after a salt calibration. It is spot on.
Dan in California
"Reading hasn't changed since it arrived "
I believe it arrived broken. The temperature seems to work, but the hygrometer h... more
Jason in California
"Your store doesn't permit international sales "
I wanted to order 8 of the brass Hygrometer/thermometer you offer for sale. Can... more
Michael in Australia
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