HygroSet Adjustable Digital Hygrometer

With Calibration Feature

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With Calibration Feature
Are you a stickler for accuracy? Then you'll love this affordably-priced digital hygrometer-thermometer with its own calibration knob feature. When used with a Humidipak 'One-Step Calibration Kit,' you can turn the knob to fine-tune the hygrometer, ensuring your cigars are kept at the right RH.
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"Never has Shown the Humidity Percentage "
Bought a nice humidor and thought I would get one of these to show me what's goi... more
Robb B in San Diego, CA
"Very Accurate "
Purchased the HygroSet with my 1st humidor and it's dead on accurate. Well wort... more
Drew in NC
"The reveiws here are not for the HygroSet "
The reveiws here are not for the HygroSet. If you read, they are for others. The... more
Steve in CT
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