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"Broken after battery change."
It was good for the first year until I changed the battery. Then despite attempts to adjust it, it no longer gave anywere near an accurate reading.
Rich in NJ October 21, 2013
"one right out of the box"
Perfectly set out of the box I done the salt test and past. But the set up kit recommend for setting up hydrometers and passed as well . Trust me you can't go wrong with this one plus its pretty much the same price on amazon and as other cigar outlet stores I'm cheap and don't like to spend more when I can help it this is perfectly priced and will last a long time. Period!!!
Ken in Tucson az. August 2, 2013
Thanks for your 3 cents, BadDad, but I lost you somewhere in Chapter 3 after forgetting what you were writing about. :)
robobond in Corbett, Oregon March 23, 2013
"Get this one"
More accurate than the Xikars. Came calibrated from the factory. I used the Humidipak calibration bag and it was 75 out of the box. Recommended.
Greg in PA February 27, 2012
"Do I need a Digital Hygrometer..?"
Why do I need a Digital Hygrometer...? I'm new to the cigar world. When I received my 1st humidor last year for Christmas I was assured that the Analog Hygrometer that came with it was just as good as a Digital. It's just a matter of preference. A few weeks ago I sat down to try a highly rated 94 cigar. After the 1st inch, it started tunneling. The tunneling was so bad that I decided to cut off the bad section of the cigar and relight it. After relighting, lit bits of tabacco started falling from the end, and the outter wrapper started flaking off. I finally just sat it down and let it go out. I was so mad, I started to get online and write the worst review that I could about this cigar. But then I remember a post that I read that stated, "I never give a review until I have smoke at least 3 cigars." So I decided to wait. The next day I examined the cigar. I gave it the pinch test, and the last 1/3 of the cigar was so dry it sounded like cracking leaves. Why was this cigar so dry..? It has been in my humidor for over 3 months....? Then the panic sat in..!!! Oh my god, my humidor is drying out...!!! I have an Alec Bradley Tempus Test Flight, along with Montecristo's, Jave, Kristoff, Vintage 1992 Rocky Patel, and Kuba Kuba's in there..! I checked out the Monster Mash-up for the day, and they had the Hygroset II Digital Hygrometer on sale for $14.98, so I ordered one. There was only one bad review on this product, but I needed help fast..! The hygrometer is very little and measures 1 3/4" in diameter. With my poor eyesight, and fat fingers I did have a little problem adjusting the calibration. Twisting the knob too far in each direction. But with persistence, I was able to set it. The instruction states that you can use it right out of the box, but for best results they recommend using the One-Step Calibration Kit by Humidipak. I used the salt test and it registered a 74rh. Not bad, right out of the box..! (Salt Test = 75rh) It turns out that the last time I refilled my humidifier, my analog hygrometer raised to 73rh and then stuck there. 73rh is too hight for me so I stopped adding distilled water and waited for the humidity to drop. Since our weather was rainy at the time, I just assumed that it was effecting the humidor, and kept the humidity from dropping. I placed the Hygroset II in my humidor and realized the humidity was too low. I refilled my humidifier, waited a couple of days, but the humidity would not raise. Now what...? I'm putting distilled water in there, why isn't the humidity raising...? The humidor was completely dry. I had to reseason the humidor. Now everything is back to normal. And guess what...? In the process, I readjusted the analog hygrometer, and now it's working perfectly. I've only owned the Hygroset II for a few weeks, so I have no idea how long it will work, but mine has worked as advertised. Presently, I'm happy with my purchase, and I'm sure I'll always keep a digital hygrometer around for added security. Also, I did check out the reviews on Amazon and it received 4 out of 5 stars from 77 reviews. I hope my review may help those that have been sitting on the fence about buying one. The $14.98 price was well worth it, if just to have gotten me through this one problem. I wish I would had bought it earlier, and avoided the problem all together. It's taken me almost 3 weeks to have gotten things back to normal. I also wish to thank Ask Gary at Famous Smoke for helping me with my problem. Dec. 18, 2011 Sincerely, baddadx2@peoplepc.com
BadDad in Belleville, IL December 18, 2011
Thank you Tom and Ryan. I was about to order the Hygorset II, but after reading your reviews I have decided not to.
Troy in Texas September 8, 2008