HygroSet II Digital Hygrometer

With Calibration Feature

$19.99Retail Price: $ 33.00
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With Calibration Feature
Are you a stickler for accuracy? Then you'll love this affordably-priced digital hygrometer-thermometer with its own calibration knob feature. When used with a Humidipak 'One-Step Calibration Kit,' you can turn the knob to fine-tune the hygrometer, ensuring your cigars are kept at the right RH.
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"Broken after battery change. "
It was good for the first year until I changed the battery. Then despite attemp... more
Rich in NJ
"one right out of the box "
Perfectly set out of the box I done the salt test and past. But the set up kit r... more
Ken in Tucson az.
"Thanks "
Thanks for your 3 cents, BadDad, but I lost you somewhere in Chapter 3 after for... more
robobond in Corbett, Oregon
"Get this one "
More accurate than the Xikars. Came calibrated from the factory. I used the Humi... more
Greg in PA
"Do I need a Digital Hygrometer..? "
Why do I need a Digital Hygrometer...? I'm new to the cigar world. When I ... more
BadDad in Belleville, IL
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