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Illusione MJ12
"All Down Hill"
I received a 5 pack and placed them directly into my humidor. They were wrapped on aluminized paper sealed with Scotch tape. I opened one 4 days later with a lot of fustration . Nothing great about the flavor and the wrapper started falling off. I only got to smoke about 1/3 of the cigar. I guess I ll wait and try another one in about a month. Removed the paper from the rest of them.
MP in Maryland January 27, 2015
Illusione 68 Bombone
"Dark indeed, but lacking in complexity"
Flavors of dry, dusty earth and cocoa beans, somewhat similar to a JdN Antano. Gained more strength on the second third, faintly resembling a MUWAT. Draw was a little hot. This wasn t impressive to me like the Epernay series. Burned for about half an hour. 89+ points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 27, 2014
Illusione Rothchildes
The box, once opened, yields a wonderful sweet earthy chocolate aroma that is a harbinger of good things to come. At first light the cigar offers sweet dark creamy notes that overwhelm the palate and let one know that the cigar is well balanced. The flavor profile does not change much, if at all and is able to hold one s attention for the duration of the experience. for the price this is hard to beat and that is why I am calling it a true diamond in the rough .
Anders in Minnesota April 22, 2014
Illusione 88 Robust
"Illusione 88 superb"
I have had more expensive cigars with higher reviews that I liked much less.
Paul in Boston January 24, 2014
Illusione 88 Robust
"Must try, my favorite"
I smoke a lot of cigars under $10 each and this is one of my favorites everyday cigars, morning and evenings. great taste %26 smell. I kept them stocked at home %26 office.
Brad in Reno Nevada December 25, 2013
Illusione 68 Bombone
"Fantastic short smoke"
Very complex for such a small cigar. Excellent draw, no burn issues. I picked up a slight taste of burnt peanuts, hay, and fresh tarragon in the last 1/2 (a first for me). I paired it with Ardbeg Alligator and it was quite the experience.
Kurt P. in Combined Locks July 29, 2013
Illusione 88 Robust Candela
"Simply Delicious!!"
I tried Illusione 88 Robust Candela for the first time today and was definitely not disappointed; and would recommend it to anyone.
Yezid Acosta in New York July 15, 2013
Illusione 88 Robust
"One of the best maduros"
This is one of the best tasting maduros I ve ever toked on, its more a medium to full and has a wonderful draw to it the ash is more of a grayish and stayed on all the way down to a nub, all in all its a great cigar GET ONE!!!
Aaron in Texas May 25, 2013
Illusione CG4
"Holy wonderful smoke!"
With a palethera of fantastic notes, this stogie will continue to give and give! My undisputed favorite stogie.
K. Hacker in Hamersville, OH February 11, 2013
Illusione 88 Robust Candela
What a great mix of flavors. Very pleasant aroma. I am hooked!!! You should try them, they will suprise you.
Ron in New Jersey December 29, 2012
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
Amilcar Perez Castro