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Illusione Reviews

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Illusione 88 Robust
This cigar has great chocolate and cocoa flavors. Med-full flavors and medium strength would definitely be a daily smoke if I get a raise.
Jon in Austin, TX December 28, 2012
Illusione 888 Candela
"green is great"
Quality construction, flavor was very consistent throughout. Plenty of complex flavors to savor. Very yummy
mark in reno October 2, 2012
Illusione 88 Robust Candela
"Dont be fooled by the wrapper"
I bought one of these from my local smoke shop about a year ago and at the time i was a little hesitant about smoking it but one of the guys told me its aged the same way just in a refrigerated area so it doesnt brown. Due to that i had to try one and i am glad i did! The smoke was smooth and full of flavor the wrapper gave off a mixture of spice notes and made it a fantastic smoke. I have this cigar rated in my top 10 favorites because of its uniqueness and flavor.
Max in California September 22, 2012
Illusione MK Teachin Machine
"Need more now!!!!!!! I said NOW!!!!!!"
Beautiful smoke! Oh my gawd! This thing is a little baby beast. I didn't extpect alot from this thing. It was tiny compared to what I'm normally smoking & really had this what the heck? kind of attitude going in. It starts med to full & goes full in the last half with an exceptionally complex profile throughout. If you burn too fast it's all strength but take your time & flavors unfold like silk sheets. Pepper is moderate till the end and spices abound. Earth and leather, nutty sweetness and faint anise tricked me into a perception of coconut retro. Get them when you can and save them IF you can...
Simian in New Orleans September 10, 2012
Illusione 88 Robust
"Awesome cigar! 5 stars"
Excellent full bodied cigar from start to finish. Excellent draw, wonderful taste, burns evenly, leaves a pleasant taste on the palate. Highly recommend this cigar!!
David in Salt Lake City, Ut August 25, 2012
Illusione CG4
"Amazing Stick"
A very smooth cigar. I stumbled upon this at a local shop the other day, and as soon as I was done with it, I wanted more! Its a very sweet cigar, with exceptional flavors! Not a powerhouse in body (medium in my opinion). I brought home a few more and plan on ordering more soon!
David in Salt Lake City, Ut August 25, 2012 July 28, 2012
Illusione 888 Candela
"The Best Claro Cigar. Period."
It's not easy to find a smooth, top quality clark stogie. The 888 is great.
Jeff in Miami, FL July 21, 2012
Illusione HL Candela
"This is my favorite cigar - one of a kind taste."
I have been wanting to write a review about this cigar ever since I took my first puff. It has everything I look for in a cigar - Smooth spice, a woody taste, with hints of coffee, and smell that sweet smell that lingers in the air. The only thing that I do not care for is how softness of the cigar.
JD in Houston, Texas June 13, 2012
Illusione CG4 White Horse
"Not Consistent w $"
TOO much hype, not enough quality control! Not worth $200 a box!
DG in Sunshine State June 11, 2012
Illusione 4/2G Slam
"My goto Favorite smoke"
Lucky me, I live in Reno, hometown of Dion, the wizard behind these wonders and his home cigar shop! The regular 4/2Gs were my goto until I bought a box of Slams by mistake...the best mistake I've ever made. Great flavor/aroma/look/construction/burn, at least a 2 hour smoke. Pricey, yes, but worth it for enjoying the lazy summer afternoons staring at the Sierras. You can't go wrong w/ any Illusione, but for serious herfing sessions, these are the best.
renodino in Reno, NV May 3, 2012
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