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Kept these at 72% RH for a few weeks and now the draw is rather tight and the wrapper is unraveling at the head. Outstanding tobacco, if you can manage to figure out the proper storing conditions.
Stefan in City by the Bay February 23, 2014
"Anyone else looking for a full-bodied Connecticut?"
I've been looking long and hard for a full-bodied Connecticut, and I think I've finally found something close to it. This stogie showed strong vanilla aromatics upon lightning, with understated vanilla oak on the palate, and some bitternes on the midpalate akin to a wet Connecticut. Toward the end of the first third the strength kicked up a notch becoming medium-to-full, the bitterness vanished and cedar came out strongly on the retro hale; it then turned into a full stick past the midpoint. Showed long vanilla wood on the aftertaste. Nicotine level was medium+ overall. Burned cool to the nub, for about 50 minutes, and went out when left unattended for more than a minute. Paired nicely with a saison-sour microbrew; I can see how it would also go well with a wheat bear or with Champagne. I ll dry box my next stogie overnight -- it looks like it can handle it. A little pricey, but hey, it s still cheaper than a Davidoff! 93 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 7, 2014
"Balanced and very smooth."
This cigar was recommended to me and it was a great smoke. Very smooth, not too spicy or harsh. Just a smooth, tastie pleasure.
Larry in Scottsdale, AZ November 15, 2012
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