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Imperial Stout By Gran Habano Reviews

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Imperial Stout By Gran Habano Grande
"You get what you pay for"
Medium body, and thin on flavor. Mostly notes of hazelnuts and fresh leather when they re there. Even burn but terribly tight draw despite the fact that it s pretty loosely packed.
Stefan December 6, 2013
Imperial Churchill
"Decent taste, terrible burn"
I've never had a cigar that warrants a bad review, but this one certainly does. It burn evenly at first, but the core burned faster than the exterior. After the first few puffs, it became impossible to smoke. I had to cut it halfway and relight, but the same thing happened again. Taste was decent, nothing too special. The other Gran Habano cigars were amazing, but there's a sharp drop in quality when you come to this one.
Fu in Maryland May 9, 2012
Imperial Churchill
"Absolutely the worst I have had"
I thought I would try to save a little money by buying these "on sale". I have used about half the box now thinking that the first few were an anomaly and they would get better. Well that hasn't happened. Cigars won't burn, can't keep them lit. Draw hard. I wish I had spent the extra and bought some good Fuentes or similiar. I will throuh the rest out so I really didn't save anything. My bad. I will be very reluctant to buy anything that Famous offers "on sale" again - maybe not anything at all. I think they have to know these are not good cigars and they are dumping them.
Rick in Florida April 6, 2012
Imperial Churchill
"won't burn, soft, just the worst"
These are the worst cigar I have ever tried to smoke I would not want them if they were free,
David in Iowa August 24, 2011
Imperial Toro
"Good taste, terrible draw"
This is a value cigar I would love to love, but it's got flaws. For one, the taste is spot on. It's pretty much as advertised, and the prelight has really interesting grape or fig notes. The cigar taste is represented well. The grape/fig goes away almost immediately. Unlike some, this cigar isn't harsh on the light. The first third is enjoyable with some cream, some wood, pleasant spice. The middle third has a bit of raisins in it and a lot more wood in the roof of my mouth. The last third produces a rest and burn consistent with better priced cigars, and is all wood and spice. Quite pleasant. The biggest problem is the draw and burn. The ash falls off of it just as soon as you touch it. The draw is horrid, the cigar is packed so tightly I've had to cut the cap off completely. The burn is also terrible and it wants to die soon as you rest it. The relight does not produce any off flavors but if you're someone who nurses your cigar, this isn't your stick. I'm two into my test flight and they both burned and drew like this. A pipe reamer will make this a much better experience for you. The construction is such that this cigar will take the pipe reamer without problems, but I wish it were done in the first place.
Joshua K in Valley Forge, PA August 24, 2011
Imperial Churchill
"Amellow smoke"
I've smoked the Churchill and Toro version and I like them both. They have a mellow creamy sorta flavor. I got mine off the auction site and am pleasantly surprised with both. I don't think I will keep them around long enough to do any aging. I have them in my every-day humidor. I'd recommend to a friend or even you reading this review :)
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation Wi. May 15, 2011
Imperial Churchill
"Nice & plump"
I'm bout 1/2 way finished with a bundle, They are Med-Full and I like em for a everyday sorta smoke a bit sweet and spicey and a very long finish with this one, I like this size it burns and burns maybe a hour and a half to get down to the nub.
Buffalo spirit in Oneida Nation Wi. May 11, 2011
Imperial Churchill
"Not Bad"
My wife bought me a bundle of these a few months ago, I've been smoking them on and off. I was greatly surprised. I'm typically an Partagas and Oliva smoker, but these are not bad for a cheaper cigar. They burn razor sharp, and tast like sweet tobacco and leather. Awesome for the price. I will buy them again.
Adam in Florida March 2, 2011
Imperial Churchill
"This one is not for me."
This cigar had A lot of large veins in the binder as well as the wrapper,this caused major burn issues. Without the large veins and uneven burn this cigar would rate much higher. As is I can not recommend this one.
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart Ga. February 5, 2011
Imperial Test Flight
ok but would not buy again
LJ Clark in DC January 31, 2011
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