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INCH By E.P. Carrillo Reviews

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INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 62
"Pretty good everyday smoke!!"
Pretty good cigar for the price that looks great and burns/draws well..not to spicy..decent flavor!
An anonymous smoker April 10, 2013
INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 64
"Had higher hopes."
This cigar was recommended to me with much praise from a veteran cigar smoker. I have to admit, they are big and beautiful. The huge ring size, dark maduro wrapper, and fancy gold band were really impressive and I had high hopes that this would be a totally awesome cigar. The burn was even from start to finish. The draw was perfect. The taste was good, but I didn't fall in love with it which was a bit of a let down. If it was a 5x50 ring with a plain old band, I would have been less disappointed. The ash was somewhat messy and the wrapper began to crack about half way through. It's a good cigar if you want to look like a big shot. For the price, I'd probably wait until they go on sale before considering ordering more. Would rather spend that kind of money on an AB Tempus.
El Jefe in Warren, PA January 24, 2013
INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 62
"Not a bad one"
Pretty good stick for the money. Good smoke, spicy but not bitter. Super easy draw for the ring size (62).
GPJason in Oregon January 20, 2013
INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 62
"good to last draw"
An ample manly cigar that tastes great, burns consistantly with a beautiful ash. It is good to the last pupp.
Barry in Los Angeles January 1, 2013
INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 64
I seen this one at the shop and got excited. Large ring... good length... I had high hopes that this stick would be great, if not awesome. Not the prettiest cigar I've ever seen. The cap was a little rough but the cigar as a whole was well constructed and burned well. However, the taste and aroma just wasn't what I had hoped for. From here out, I'll take a pass on this one.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL September 23, 2012
INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 60
"great smoke"
Tried it last week for the first time. I fell in love right away!! great draw lots of flavor.Lots of smoke. Not over powering but a full strength smoke. This is really a top notch cigar.
arthur in philadelphia September 7, 2012
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