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INCH By EP Carrillo Reviews

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INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"Solid Cigar"
This cigar lived up to its rating in my opinion. Great construction, draw, and burn. Medium to full cigar with a consistently good creamy taste throughout.
Steven in Boston, MA November 21, 2014
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"I expeted more..."
It s not a bad cigar, but I m a little bit disappointed, because I expected more. Despite the fact the reviews was good and is 5 x 62 - really nice size - there is that bad taste as I felt with La Gloria Cubana Serie R :
Vasil in CA July 23, 2014
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"What a Stick"
Vasil in CA July 23, 2014 May 16, 2014
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 64
"Great cigar"
One of the best cigars out today. A true cigar with rich smoke. I love the maduro as it is rich and always has a perfect draw. Burn is always consistent and tight.
Cal Phipps in Detroit January 21, 2014
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"I Can t Believe It"
I bought the Monster Stash sampler last September 2013 . I received one of each. But if you give me an INCH, I ll take a mile. Are you kidding me? As others mentioned the draw is flawless. I did have to relight a couple of times, but probably because I lost myself in the awesome flavor and forgot I had a cigar. So I had to give it an 8 on burn, but all of the other categories are 10s far and away. I d give it 11 on draw and taste if I could to make up for the burn issues. I ve had a couple of great ones from this sampler, but this is by far the best.
Joe in Nor Cal November 27, 2013
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 64
This cigar burned just the way a great cigar should burn. The consistency was good from start to finish,it broke my heart to finish it. The draw was excellent, The appearance was alright. The taste was one of the best I have smoked. The construction was perfect. While the price is up there,it is worth it to buy a few.I just would not share it with anyone who did not enjoy a good strong cigar.
Wayne in North Haven October 29, 2013
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"My Go To Cigar!"
This is my "go to" cigar! I prefer a cigar that is fat (56 or larger ring-gauge) and at 62, this is an easy draw and full of flavor from start to absolute finish. No disappointment here!
Lenard in Ventura County CA August 22, 2013
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
This is a terrific cigar slow burning,effortless draw,smooth tasting, and soooo full of flavor from start to finish. Note I ashed this cigar only twice.
lendsey in texas August 6, 2013
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 62
"...consistently pleasant taste for the price..."
Just had my Father's Day gift cigar, the 62X5 INCH by E.P. Carillo, purchased at Old Virginia Tobacco, after being advised by the weekend guy at Tobaccology, who was in the store, I guess, scouting out the competition. I smoked it accompanied by a double shot of Glenrothes single malt on my back porch. Even burning despite my poor light: the cigar actually compensated for my incompetence. Draw was easy, yielding plentiful and tasty white smoke. The first third of the cigar was a subtle mixture of light pepper and parchment notes. The second third heated up with even more pepper and some leather. The cigar's initial flavors continued and did not intensify, finishing with mild, nutty overtones and more pepper. Aftertaste was pleasant and still is four hours later! Before the light, the scent of fresh hay was apparent and the dry draw yielded pleasant old parchment notes. The INCH is strong in the sense that it has a full dose of nicotine but not in it's taste, which is mild and pleasant for the price.
Bruce Snyder in Manassas, Virginia June 16, 2013
INCH By EP Carrillo No. 60
"Whew 2/5"
I've smoked just about every series from Carrillo and really enjoyed them, all but the Inch series. Nothing here for me. No notable flavor. Had better taste from paper wrap cigars. No spice, no nuttiness, no cocao, nothing but plain jane tobacco. I'll skip these.
Chuck in Indiana April 30, 2013
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