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Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Reviews

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Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Toro
"Don t do it."
If you like constant re-lights this one is for you. Horrible cigar.
Dennis in Front Royal December 15, 2013
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Robusto
"excellent draw"
Excellent draw,decent burn great for the price.I would definitely order again. The taste is just ok.
A. H. in los angeles December 6, 2013
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso 5 pack
"MUCH better with a rest"
Some have said this cigar is bitter. Let them rest for a minimum of six months to one year and they get so much better. For the money, they are worth the nap time...buy them and stash them.
Richard in Daytona November 3, 2013
Super Fuerte Petite Belicoso
"Not worth the money."
Uneven burn. Will not stay lit. A frustrating smoke.
John in Farmersville, OH September 25, 2013
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Robusto
These stick are extremely tasty. Great value for the money. They are not super strong but it's made up in taste... a great every day smoke. Some people reviewed these as having an uneven burn issue, I yet have to have one. They also have a superior draw. I've had way more expensive sticks that were never to be bought again, these are a must for the humidor!!!!!
Bobby F in Brooklyn July 27, 2013
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Robusto
"Rocky Patel's first effort... pretty good"
When Rocky Patel decided to leave the world of Hollywood law behind and start a cigar company Indian Tabac was his first brand. It is a good middle of the road cigar, not great, but not bad for the price.
Dave in South Carolina June 19, 2013
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Double Corona 5 pack
"These are really good cigars"
I've been smoking Indian Tobac for some years now, I have smoked just about every size shape etc... and have not been disapointed by any of them. I lean more to the full bodied offerings and these hit the spot for when the mood strikes. and I like them being box pressed too adds a bit of 'special-ness ' to them
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida ( Rez ) Wisconsin March 10, 2013
Super Fuerte Petite Belicoso
"Best cigar for the price"
This cigar has it all. They are even better after a six month nap. I first purchased these five years ago and always keep some in house.
Richard in Daytona Beach October 20, 2012
Super Fuerte Corona
"You get what you pay for..."
A 90 rating? Who's rating these things,Chimpanzees? I bought box because the price was right but I'll make up for it in the butane I'm needing to keep relighting it. The taste is good, but they tunnel, burn hot and constantly go out. I'll throw the rest in the humidor and hopefully in a few months I'll be able to amend this review.
Phil in NJ October 12, 2012
Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Robusto
Creamy, buttery, thick smoke, toasty. Absolutely wonderful.
Doug August 29, 2012
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