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Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Toro Reviews [view details]

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I actually had the Super Fuerte Maduro Pressed. All I can say is GAHDDAHMN! The only thing I can compare it to is a Gurkha Regent Torpedo (pressed). The flavor was delicious, from start to band-finish. Rich, choclatey, nugatey, creamy, voliminous smoke. I saw people complaining about draw/construction. Did not notice ANY flaws in either category. If you have a 70/70 humi then it will draw like heaven (punched) and burn evenly; 2 inches of ash before my dog bumped it off. BUY THIS CIGAR. (b4 they sell out, increase price, or stop making them)!
Brian in Miami September 4, 2008
"Good Smoke"
Surprisingly good for the price....Like it !
FT in Florida August 24, 2008
"Deal or No Deal"
I tried these a year or so ago and I was very pleased with the construction and taste. I picked up a couple of bundles on auction and was really looking forward to sharing a great cigar with me friends. Glad I tried them before I shared. At first glance it looks well made with a nice bouquet. On first light nice flavor, great taste. Half way burns into limbs, sticks or whatever, scoops, harsh taste and then goes out. Out of the 10 I have tried all had to re-lit at least 6 to 7 times and I have filled my torch lighter twice. Now the remaining 40 are just wasting space in my humidor. To bad for RP, as it seems he has lost caring about what is being sold and the quality of what has his name on it. It seems most of the RP line is slipping. Bring back the good old days RP. Take care of your customers.
Marcstar in California August 17, 2008
"Fantastic cigar for the price"
What a great cigar! Even better with a little time on them. Smooth with great taste.
Mike S. in Coloma Mi June 26, 2008
"a great cigar with a whole lot of flavor."
Barry Pagano in IL April 25, 2008
"For the price, Indian Tobac is worth buying!"
For the price, Indian Tobac is worth buying!
Ari in Monsey, N.Y. July 24, 2007
"Not worth the trouble"
First impression is what a beautiful & great smelling cigar. Not so fast. After lighting, aroma is great, but taste is so-so, and the burn very uneven. Impossible to keep lit. Had a 5-pack & all burned the same.
Ben K in Monroe,LA December 29, 2006
I would very much like to review this cigar, but I got a double hernia trying to extract some smoke from this lemon. Without a doubt the poorest drawing cigar that I have ever had the displeasure of smoking. Just glad that I didn't give it to a friend... I would have made an enemy for life
Frederick R. Heitman in NC December 11, 2006
"Rebuttal in defense of Indian Tabac SF"
An excellent cigar that offers tons of smoke, chocolate and spice tastes, and a burn that is even, if worked properly, (meaning...that's all part of the cigar smoker's experience now isn't it?) If it canoes, you're smoking the damn thing too fast...everybody knows that! As for the "Worst Cigar Ever", why don't you cut back on your humidity a bit....or buy a better humidor...sounds like you've gottem swollen with moisture !!!!
Joe in NOLA September 26, 2006
Wow! This is my favorite smoke, by far. I received one of these in a sampler of maduros and was sold within three puffs. The wrapper is dark and oily and looks delicious, and the pre-lit aroma smells of chocolate and coffee - just as you expect from a good maduro. Upon lighting, the burn is good and the ash is solid and a light gray. The construction is a little inconsistent, requiring an occasional correction on some sticks. Once this baby warms up, the flavor is incredible. Slightly sweet with the same flavors as its pre-lit aroma. For the money, this cigar is one that I will stock my humidor with for a long time. Every maduro lover should try one!
Matt Stanger in New Jersey June 27, 2006
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