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Inferno by Oliva Reviews

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Inferno By Oliva Robusto
"Not a typical Oliva!"
Wrapper is clean. Draw is nice. Construction is superb. Ash is light gray on the outside and marbled light/dark gray inside... not too loose but also not very firm. The taste is very fresh (no unpleasant off-tastes) but the flavors are unique, and not something you would expect from Oliva. It starts out a little hollow, and then becomes woodsy. Definite notes of cedar and walnut, with hints of creaminess. This is a Nicaraguan puro, but try this one if you enjoy Honduran sticks. It will be a welcome change from the norm.
Jim in Galloway, NJ October 3, 2013
Inferno By Oliva 660
"oliva the absolute best"
Hands down and no contest for other cigars! Anything that the Oliva factory puts on the market is #winning from its' inception! Speedmanmusic
Speedmanmusic in So Cal September 29, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
"Great Cigar at Any Price Point!"
Love the salty taste of the tobacco and smooth little spicy smoke. You can't go wrong with one of these a must try for any cigar fans out there.
Heath in Richmond, VA September 25, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Sweet spice!"
It was as spicy as I thought it would be, you know because of the name. It was just the right amount of spice very nice smoke!
Alerto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Very Inconsistent"
I had a couple of these in different sizes (robust and toro). The flavor profile was completely different, draw and construction was different and even the wrappers were different shades. Not sure if each size has the same blend, or if this is a label for various blends from the factory. Struck me as a bundle cigar with a label. Decent smoke at the right price. Let them sit in your humidor for 3-6 months first.
DT in Madison, WI July 28, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Test Flight
"No Complaints"
Just had the robusto. Creamy with HINTS of nuts and coffee. Very mild cigar with light flavor. Like puffing air with a bit of flavor. Nothing to get excited about. Got these for about $1.50 a stick. For the price you can't really expect more. Perfect draw and burn. Tried them after 3 days in my humi. Even with the light flavor you can tell its a Nicaraguan cig. I am satisfied. The price makes me happy.
Alex in So Cal July 18, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
Not a great stick. Bitter and woody.
Tom in Denver June 26, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"Pretty good"
As good as any $4 or $5 cigar I have found
Ricky in Virginia May 8, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"I like them."
Glad I got them.
David in Atlanta March 23, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"Very Happy"
I always buy bargain priced cigars. I'm not a cigar connoisseur; I can't afford premium cigars. That said, I think this is a good tasting cigar. I'll order more.
David in Georgia March 18, 2013
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