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Inferno by Oliva Reviews

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Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"I like them."
Glad I got them.
David in Atlanta March 23, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"Very Happy"
I always buy bargain priced cigars. I'm not a cigar connoisseur; I can't afford premium cigars. That said, I think this is a good tasting cigar. I'll order more.
David in Georgia March 18, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Not too good"
I love the Oliva V, however this one did not do Oliva justice. Taste is terrible... I won't return for another box, EVER
Jim in Laguna Hills March 16, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Worst Cigar I ever smoked"
This cigar was so bad, and unfortunatly I received two of them for Christmas, that I am seeing who I hate the most in my life to pawn it off to. Made me gag, through the rest away after smoking about a inch or two of the worst cigar ever.
James in Louisville, kentucky February 2, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"This was an overall great smoke."
An overall great smoke. This was part of a sampler purchase. It lost it's flavor a little earlier than I had expected. I would purchase this one again!
Colin in Sherman, TX January 23, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Great cigar"
Great cigar! I got one free with an order and have been smoking them ever since. Great smoke for a great price!
Rufus in California January 15, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Fine $5 smoke"
Nice burn, good ash, consistent flavor. Smooth smoke.
Rufus in California January 15, 2013 January 12, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"I couldn't have been happier."
I ordered a five pack off the app wanting to try an Oliva product more in my price range. I'm new to cigars, but this was the best one I've had to to date. Aside from the G series. Can't wait to get a box of these. They will definitely be a staple in my humidor.
Dakotah T. in Arkansas January 4, 2013
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"its a $2.00 cigar"
got them with a coupon free, great looking well made cigar , but taste and aroma reflects a 1.50 to 1.75 everyday stick I WOULD NOT PAY 5-6 BUCKS FOR THESE
russell in brigantine,nj December 23, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
came in a wingman, just had the 1st one....bland, bland, bland.....decent draw, and ample smoke, but boring...might be a good early tee time gar, but would never order again...thank heavens I got the Camacho Triple Maduro in the Wingman, these ended up being free, which is about the right price..
Jake in Washington State December 20, 2012
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