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Inferno by Oliva Reviews

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Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Great inexpensive cigar!"
I picked up a five pack of these to keep in my humidor for my cigar mooching buddies. I was delightfully surpeised with these cigars, these are easily one of the best cigars at this price point. I will be ordering more for myself in the future.
Jason November 11, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
"Couldn't be worse! Yuck."
Friend received these in a sampler. We both stamped them out after 5 minutes. Tasted like a four year old used cigar. Try a CAO Italia, Brazil, MX2. The Series O is good. Camacho Triple Maduro is my current top.
Justin in Texas October 28, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"Amazing stick"
I've written a review on these before with a more detailed description in regards to flavor, burn, shape, ect... But I just wanted to say, hands down this is and always will be in my top 3 cigars to smoke... This stick just doesn't get any more well balanced, or well rounded. It's simply amazing!
Dustin in New Jersey October 26, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"A great smoke!"
I bought one of these guys knowing nothing about Oliva or this line. I enjoyed the cigar from beginning to end. It had a good even burn, pleasant aroma, and good flavor without the harshness that some provide. It was a good reward for a hard day's work. I will definitely get some more!
Ron in Columbus, OH October 13, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"maybe i got a bad one"
Got a free one sent to me with an order.left it in humi about a month and tried it.started fantastic,great flavor and burn with plenty of smoke. A little over a third in I started having trouble keeping it lit and then the flavor went rancid. Got so bad I had to let it go.Too bad because it started out quite good.I love the series V so I know oliva makes some great cigars.
Tom in cookeville,tn October 11, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"Damn tasty!"
Picked up a 5 pack from the Monster app, as I am a fool for Oliva cigars... HUGE bang for the buck. The flavors are stellar, burns cool, always burn even. *I have noticed though, when you "punch" them, towards the middle/end they start to build up at the end, you have to roll the cigar around in your finger tips to keep the draw coming through*
Dustin in New Jersey September 5, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
"A fantastic smoke"
This was almost the perfect cigar. Have had 5 of the so far and all of them have been consistently well rolled with an almost perfect burn and amazing draw. The only thing that left something to be desired was the taste, but as a somewhat cigar novice I believe the full cigar taste with grow on me.
Quinn in Norfolk, Nebraska September 2, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Toro
"perfect ligero!"
If you like ligero cigars - this one is just amazing for a fraction of the prices of LFD and the likes. I hope Famous doesn't discontinue this blend - it's my everyday smoke now and plan on always keeping a few boxes ready in the humi.
TheDoctor July 29, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Robusto
Bill in Maryland July 11, 2012
Inferno By Oliva Churchill
"Not bad worth the money"
Very nice ash good burn and good flavor. First time I tried them. I would buy them again.
Tommy in New York June 25, 2012
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