Infusions #1 Cigar Sampler

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More flavorful it simply does not get: The Fusion Of Flavors sampler combines the top names in non-traditional cigars, including Tabak Especial, ACID, Isla del Sol, CAO flavours, and Solo Cafe into one irresistible flavorful-fest. Indulge your senses with a departure from your every day lineup.
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"Better than an after dinner mint "
Enjoy each one after a good meal......who needs pie.......
R Simon in Abbeville,Louisiana
"Enjoyed them all except... "
...the Solo Cafe. I was already a fan of the Acid and the CAO. The Isla del Del ... more
Dorian in Atlanta, GA
"Great taste "
This was given to me by my cousin. Not the brand I usually get but I was willi... more
KB in New York
"WorthTrying! "
I have had both the Acid and Moontrance at one of our local smokeshops and enjoy... more
Brendan in Springfield
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