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Iron Horse Reviews

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Iron Horse Churchill
"Good, affordable cigar!"
I was browsing for some new cigars to try out that were at an reasonable price and came across these. Without even trying one, I bought a box and I was very satisfied. These cigars are amazing for their price and when I hold one of them in my hand, it feels right. They have a good flavor that doesn't overwhelm you and most of them in the box were great. I only had one bad cigar in the box that was plugged. This cigar is easily an everyday smoke that is enjoyable and affordable.
Justin in North Dakota August 10, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Good after settling in humidor"
When I smoked one just after delivery,I was not impressed. After a couple of months in the humidor, I was surprised.Good construction, some coffee, chocolate,smooth all the way. Nice taste on the palate. Great bargain!
Bert in Roanoke,VA August 5, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"Not Consistent?"
About 1 out of 3 are worth smoking.
John in Texas August 2, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
I bought the five pack of Robusto's. The first one was good. Solid burn and draw, good flavor on the stronger side. The others though went from lousy burn to an almost chemical flavor. I will not be purchasing again.
Alexander S. in Lowell, MA July 17, 2012
Iron Horse Toro
"Good for the money, but not an even burn"
I took a chance and bought a five pack. Let's start with the good. Wow! Packed a flavor punch. Very nice all the way through. Light weights need not apply. This is definitely moving up on "full" territory. I probably would guess full, but FS says it's a medium. Now the not so good. I've smoke two so far and they both have suffered very uneven burning. I really had to work to keep it going.
JC in Midwest June 5, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Not bad."
Ordered the test flight last month and had a toro right out the gate. Huge mistake. Awful burn and almost no taste but acid. They seemed really dry so instead of ditching them I let them rest for a month. I dove into a robusto this morning with low expectations. However I was pleasantly surprised. Can you say vanilla? Tons of sweet vanilla off this stick. It was really enjoyable. The burn was wavy and a little uneven but corrected itself every time. No touch up or relights. Flavors were much more complex earthy and vanilla. Paired nice with my coffee. I will let them sit and age in the humi for awhile longer to see how they get. Seem like they age well! If you buy be sure to let them sit and age. You won't regret it!
Tony in CA May 17, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Why are cigars like this exclusives?"
An everyday cigar that should sell at less than 2 bucks! This is a bundle cigar. Forget the box!
Tony in CA May 17, 2012 April 25, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Not a great cigar. Inconsistent taste, poor burn."
I found the constructions to not be bad, but the burn, draw and taste were less than par. In a 5 pack, the only thing consistent was the poor burn.
Anthony in Denver, CO April 10, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Wasn't Impressed."
Got this in a sampler and would never buy again.Not worth the smoke in my opinion.
G in CA April 2, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"WOW....Great smoke!! Great price!!"
Bought a box of Churchill's and was pleasantly surprised! Wonderful smoke, rich and full of flavor. I can easily make this an everyday cigar!!
chris in Tampa, Fl March 10, 2012
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