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Iron Horse Reviews

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Iron Horse Robusto
"Awesome For The Price!"
For the price you can't beat these. I am on my second box of these. You can't be the taste and quality for the price. If you looking for a quality, everyday stick....this is one to consider
Todd in Newnan GA May 9, 2013
Iron Horse Robusto
"Taste was awful"
Tasted like sulfer. I really wanted to like this cigar but maybe I got a bad apple. Its not all bad though, the aroma was pleasant, the draw was a dream, and it smoked like a champ. But it will be awhile before I give this cigar another shot.
Justin in Little Rock April 6, 2013
Iron Horse Toro
"Let it rest"
I purchased the test flight and of the three, the toro has been the best for me. Everyone has had a good draw and hasn't really needed touching up due to a bad burn. Let them rest a bit and for $2 each, they are a good value.
Steve in Denver March 27, 2013
Iron Horse Robusto
"Pleasantly Surprisd!"
I had not heard of Iron Horse but got it in a sampler. Looked it up and found out it was a house brand here. Smoked it after it was probably in my humi for about a month. It was VERY good. I'm shocked you can get them for just a bit over $2 per stick when u buy a box. I will be getting more. Very good cigar. Good flavor. Burned well. Very pleasant surprise.
Wes in Iowa December 31, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"Great smoke for a low budget"
Got a box of these free with my order a couple weeks ago. You have about a 40% chance of getting one that is worth smoking. I stuck 5 in my humidor to age. Going to try one every 2 months and the last one after a year. I think the ammonia taste in some of them is what makes them a difficult smoke at times. Maybe with some aging these cigars will be better.
Wes in Iowa December 31, 2012 in Texas November 6, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
"Not Bad"
Seem worthwhile trying: Famous had them today for $42 for a box of robusto, plus 5 free toro?s w/free shipping. Don?t think you can beat at $1.68 per stick!!
Rob in Hollywood Beach, CA November 2, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"Excellent Cigar forr the price"
Finally I have found an every day cigar with a premium taste.
CLIFFORD in STUART, FL September 29, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"Not Bad!"
Considering the price, I have to admit I am surprised to how good these are!I would certainly buy them again or recommend them..
Rich D in Elizabeth NJ September 15, 2012
Iron Horse Robusto
I obtained one of these as a promtion while visiting Famous' retail store. I had it in the humidor for a few months and gave it a try. I found the pre-light aroma nice; the contruction a bit primitive; the taste was consitent 'in the middle' - no harshness or complexity but at the same time pleasant. One thing that caught my attention was the amount of smoke this stick generated - tons. As a general day to day cigar, this is fine and I would consider it again...but ditch the goofy looking band.
Joe from Ottawa September 2, 2012
Iron Horse Churchill
"Good, affordable cigar!"
I was browsing for some new cigars to try out that were at an reasonable price and came across these. Without even trying one, I bought a box and I was very satisfied. These cigars are amazing for their price and when I hold one of them in my hand, it feels right. They have a good flavor that doesn't overwhelm you and most of them in the box were great. I only had one bad cigar in the box that was plugged. This cigar is easily an everyday smoke that is enjoyable and affordable.
Justin in North Dakota August 10, 2012
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