Iron Horse Test Flight Cigar Sampler

$19.99Retail Price: $ 39.60
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Iron Horse cigars are made to offer a full-flavored, every day smoke at a sensible, every day price. Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers cured to a dark, reddish Maduro conceal a blend of Dominican Cuban-seed Criollo '98 longfillers and Olor binders. Handmade in the DR by a small, boutique tabacalera, the smoke is rich, smooth, and impressively complex. If you're looking for an honest smoke at an honest price, giddy'up and ride an Iron Horse by adding a box or a 5-pack to your cart now.
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"Not Impressed "
I have the churchill sampler. The first stick had virtually no draw, ended up th... more
Gdaddy in Stone Mountain, GA
"Good Value Cigar "
Three out of the 9 cigars were like sticks and unsmokeable. 2 more had issues, b... more
Mike M in Boise, ID
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