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Isla Del Sol By Drew Estate Reviews

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Isla Del Sol Toro
"Meh..Kinda disappointing"
I tasted no flavors..even on the cap. Decent smoke but nothing great. Probably wouldn t buy again but would smoke again if they came in a sampler. If you had told me if was a plain, non-infused cigar before I started I wouldn t have no way did it taste infused.
Brandon in Kentucky March 9, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Budget Un-Nubbable Yet Satisfying"
Mild Strength, mild/medium body. Flavor: mild pepper, rose water, light-roasted coffee, cardamom. Sweetened tip. Highs: builds to satisfying nub flavor profile; consistent burn. Lows: excessively soft/spongy mixed-filler/cuban sandwich short filler wrapped in long filler disintegrates at nub. Pair With: gold or lighter rum; rye whisky; drier scotch/cognac/dessert wines; light-roasted coffee. Conclusion: Flavor develops nicely and consistent burn, especially for budget cigar but temper expectations about nubbing and ?feel? of last 1/3. Infusion, sweetened tip, mixed-filler not for everyone.
Tom in Los Angeles March 3, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Very good but small pieces"
Very good flavor and strength, although it is a little sweet for some tastes. You'll need some black coffee for this one. Very good construction and smoke. The only issue I have is that it has very small filler, and during a regular smoke I may spit out at least 6 or 7 hard pieces of filler.
Jason in Tenessee February 19, 2014
Isla Del Sol Toro
"Don t know how it got 91 rating"
Cigars were very soft, caps are so sweet , it was like i had been licking envelopes and could not take it. I bought a box and could not finish the first cigar....not for me.
Patrick in Nashville Tn January 11, 2014
Isla Del Sol Toro
"My second favorite!"
Nice flavor, good burn, and priced right. I really enjoy this cigar and the price makes it even better. Well worth the money.
Jeff H. in Wisconsin December 26, 2013
Isla Del Sol Toro
"When has Drew Estate Let you Down?"
I see a good mix of reviews here, so I will simply add, if you are a fan of coffee, mocha, or sweet flavored cigars, you will love this one. If you are not, the Drew Estate brand may not be your best option. This is a great smoke for newbies...and vets that enjoy flavor and thick smoke.
Kilo in Atlanta December 21, 2013
Isla Del Sol Gran Corona
They are inexpensive. They are un-naturally sweet. Otherwise they are mild and not entirely unpleasant. On the other hand, I would not buy another of these.
Peter in Md December 21, 2013
Isla Del Sol Churchill
"This is a great all around Cigar."
This cigar, I believe, is one of the better cigars I've had the pleasure to smoke. It is a nice mild cigar with a pleasant aroma and taste. The cigar has a smooth draw and a mice burn.
Vincent Diecedue August 2, 2013
Isla Del Sol Gran Corona
"Good Cheap Smoke"
These are a great everyday smoke, the cap is a bit to sweet for me but not bad enough to put it down. Great with coffee in the morning.
Mark Landers in Eastern Oregon July 25, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Believe The Reviews - A Great Cigar!!"
Yes indeed, you have found my new favorite cigar as well! These flavored cigars are fantastic with a nice drink on the back deck. Well built, nice draw, although they get a bit "hot and different" as you get to the nub, but for the price an EXCELLENT cigar. I'm so glad I found these!! Don't deny yourself the pleasure, get some TODAY!!
Dan in Atlanta, GA July 16, 2013
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