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Isla Del Sol By Drew Estate Reviews

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Isla Del Sol Gran Corona
"great weekend smoke"
I love these mild smokes while having a beer on the back porch
Ron in Pittsburgh , PA. June 26, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Among The Best For The Price"
These cigars are fantasic, especially when you consider the price. Very sweet and mild flavor. I've had $8 coffee cigars and these blow them out of the water.
AJ in Massachusetts June 19, 2013
Isla Del Sol Toro
"Great tasty cigar!"
These cigars are great! They burn nice and slow and have a nice coffee flavor then turns into a spice flavor towards the end..overall I really like these!
Andrew in Ohio May 20, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"A Very Pleasant Smoke"
I'm a habitual experimenter so I try a lot of different cigars, but I keep coming back to this one. For the price it's sure hard to beat.
Clay in Gordonville, TX May 10, 2013
Isla Del Sol Toro
"did not like these at all"
They must have sugar on the wrapper, tastes like a Swisher Sweet cigar. The burn was poor, I did not like these at all.
Clay in Gordonville, TX May 10, 2013 April 27, 2013
Isla Del Sol Toro
"New favorite smoke"
Let me sum this up in three words: BUY. TWENTY. NOW. In all seriousness, though, this cigar is worth more than what I was charged. I, myself, love perdomos, sancha panza, olivias.. something with rich flavor and a bite in the taste. However, I do enjoy coffee infused cigars as well and these babies just became papas new pup. VERY similar to drew estate tabak especial, if not the exact same, except these cost much less. Sweet Sumatran wrapper (without going overboard), smooth draw and mild-medium beginning. Halfway through you get a very nice bite in flavor as well as continued notes of cocoa, coffee (obviously), and quality tabacco. The rating on these couldn't have been more spot on. Love em.
Gabriel in Columbia, SC March 30, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Great taste, Just the right strength"
I am on my second box of these and they are great cigars. The flavor is coffee with a hint of vanilla and sweetness. The strength is mild to medium which is just right for me. The construction is good but not great. They will occasionally unravel at the top leaf which is no big deal. Draw is smooth and easy and the burn is good. If you prefer a little stronger smoke with less coffee and sweetness you might like Solo Cafe, another good smoke. For my taste, Isla del Sol can't be beat for the price. If you like Kuba Kuba cigars, you will surely enjoy these. Taste is the big winner for Isla del Sol.
Mike in New Mexico March 24, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"My NEW Fav"
I have been puffing cigars for about 5 years now and I have to say this cigar is going to be in my box at all times. I pulled two out for friends and we couldn't stop talking about this cigar and I can't believe the price. The reviews were spot on. I normally get tired of a cigar when it's about 75% smoked but I wanted the whole thing.
Shakewell in Bay Area March 3, 2013
Isla Del Sol Toro
"Fantastic smoke, highly recommended!"
Got a few sticks of these in a wingman sampler and I am pleased to recommend this cigar. Great mild smoke, damn near perfect draw, burned for over an hour. Drew Estate did a great job with this stick and especially at an affordable price. I prefer this for an occasional smoke, I'll have to pick some more up after I finish the remaining ones in my humidor! Give these a shot, well worth it!
Jared in New York February 5, 2013
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"You just found your every day burner"
Easily my favorite cigar, sweetened tip may not be for everyone, but I love this thing. Relatively cheap compared to other Drew Estate cigars but the quality is up there. Keep at least a 5 pack in the humidor at all times. As far as the smoke goes, draw is perfect, taste is mild to medium with a light spice and coffee notes.
Mike in New York January 30, 2013
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