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Isla Del Sol Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"This is a great all around Cigar."
This cigar, I believe, is one of the better cigars I've had the pleasure to smoke. It is a nice mild cigar with a pleasant aroma and taste. The cigar has a smooth draw and a mice burn.
Vincent Diecedue in August 2, 2013
"Full of Stems...may be unsmokable"
I tried three of these cigars in a recent purchase from Famous. The first was quite good (sweet infused and earthy). The last two were completely unsmokable. They were packed with hard stems that ran the length of the cigars! Maybe the roller was "disgruntled" but I've never had a cigar (even a cheap one) so poorly constructed. Buyer beware!
Steve in Baltimore in Baltimore March 13, 2012
"Still Good, the Other Isla del Sols are better.."
Well to start out, I love the Isla Del Sol cigars, and all Drew Estate cigars for that matter, but for these, I would recommend either going with the toro or robusto sizes, the churchill was fine, don't get me wrong, but I don't know, there was just a better flavor and I had just a better burn with both the robusto and toro, IDK it maybe in my head but just something to consider.
Ryan in Lincoln February 16, 2012
FRED P in WI October 25, 2011
"Too mild, Turns Bland 1/2 way thru......"
The cigar starts out fairly good. A sweetened cap and a good flavor of coffee. However, this cigar is EXTREMELY mild. It is too mild for me. After half way through the cigar seems to lose its flavor and is just a bland mix of nearly tasteless tobaccos. I consider the cigar to be over priced for what you get. This is nowhere close to a Java or a Tabak which are both excellent cigars. IF you are looking for a low price replacement for Java you will be disappointed.
Mitchell F. in Washington, NC September 21, 2011
"A great after dinner cigar!"
The cap is just the right level of sweetness. The coffee flavor comes on in just a few puffs and it is just the best. The draw is smooth. I even dig the ring around the foot of the stick for a bit of added class.
Chris in Smyrna, Delaware September 16, 2011
"not good"
I've had other Isla Del Sols and liked the flavor and the way it smoked. I smoked 5 Churchills so far and all were hard to keep lit. They all burned to one side and mine had hard spots throughout all of them. The flavor was O.K. but Iwouldn't by this one again.
Rick in Jackson, Wi August 27, 2010
"Good Smoke"
This is a good all around smoke well made good flavor and a great smell, just a good everyday smoke
Jeff in Glendale AZ March 18, 2010
this is one of the worst burning cigars i purchased will not stay lit burns on one side. very poor never buy again
in August 9, 2009
I lean toward Maduro's, with a medium to strong flavor. Perdomo Habano and La Vieja Habana Maduro are my favorites. That said, this is a great cigar at a great price. Nice burn, good ash. Nice flavor and aroma that lasts to the end. I've only had one that canoed on me. The only bad thing I would say about this cigar is that I usually end up smoking two; rather than just one Perdomo or La Vieja Habana Maduro.
BDM in SV, Ohio July 4, 2009
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10 Construction (84) 100
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