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Isla Del Sol Reviews

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Isla Del Sol Robusto
"This one is my favorite"
This one is my favorite! I ve been a repeat buyer for the last few years.
An anonymous smoker February 24, 2015
Isla Del Sol Churchill
"If You Like Creamy Smooth Infused Coffee"
I believe the customer rating scale to be correct AFTER taking the cellophane off and sitting in a 70/70 humi for about 2 days. Lasted a nice long time. Nice sweet cap. Medium bodied. Good all the way down to the smallest nub.
Robert F in Phillipsburg, NJ December 4, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Perfect Smoke"
Pretty good cigars. I brought a box to Europe and my friends liked the cigars.
SSM August 16, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Pleasant suprise"
Nice morning smoke...Mild with a creamy smoke...Coffee Infusion is not over done...Something I like about this stick, it does not have a sweetened cap....
Rich in Northport NY August 7, 2014
Isla Del Sol Toro
"If you like sweet capped cigars, this is the one."
A good quality cigar with a sweet cap.
George in Colorado July 10, 2014
Isla Del Sol Gran Corona
"Great Everyday Smoke"
All sizes of this cigar are equally good. They are pleasant to not only the smoker, but to others around. Good flavor and burn.
Bill P. in New England June 20, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Nice Mellow Coffee Flavor"
These are just a nice cigar. Nice flavor could be a little stronger flavor. But a very enjoyable smoke. I compare this to Tatiana Mochas. The draw and burn is a little better. But I prefer the stronger flavor of the Tatiana's.
Dell in Virginia June 12, 2014
Isla Del Sol Robusto
"Sickening Sweet"
Nice looking cigar, lit drew well. Immediate taste is like a mouthfull of artificial sweetener. Kept waiting for it to tone down, never did, had to put this one down. Returned the box to Famous got to pay for the return shipping, so much for customer service. Would have been nice if the product description included the intense sweetness comment. Think twice about trying something new, it can turnout to be a time %26 money hassle.
S. T. in St. Pete, Florida June 11, 2014
Isla Del Sol Test Flight
"Very Sweet"
Out of the various size auction 8 pack so far I'm 0-3. I enjoy a flavored cigar occasionally (think Tabak Especial) but right away these are bubble gum sweet. The sweetness receded slightly but all 3 had unraveling issues, a loose pack and finger nailed. I'll throw them in the small humidor and see what happens. Perhaps they'll be decent yard 'gars....
Boston Fire Lt. in Key West FL April 19, 2014
Isla Del Sol Toro
"A Decent Flavored Cigar"
The Isla del Sol is a fairly decent cigar for those who like them flavored. The aroma was rather pleasing, as was the taste. There were notes of chocolate within the flavor of a sweet coffee. The burn was fairly even, but not the best. The construction, however, was inconsistent. One cigar was perfect in it s construction, but another was way too tight and yet another loose. Having been thick cigars, I decided to punch them for smoking, so I did not have any real issue with bits of leaf in my mouth.
Christopher B in Muncie April 13, 2014
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