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Isla Del Sol Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great taste, Just the right strength"
I am on my second box of these and they are great cigars. The flavor is coffee with a hint of vanilla and sweetness. The strength is mild to medium which is just right for me. The construction is good but not great. They will occasionally unravel at the top leaf which is no big deal. Draw is smooth and easy and the burn is good. If you prefer a little stronger smoke with less coffee and sweetness you might like Solo Cafe, another good smoke. For my taste, Isla del Sol can't be beat for the price. If you like Kuba Kuba cigars, you will surely enjoy these. Taste is the big winner for Isla del Sol.
Mike in New Mexico March 24, 2013
"My NEW Fav"
I have been puffing cigars for about 5 years now and I have to say this cigar is going to be in my box at all times. I pulled two out for friends and we couldn't stop talking about this cigar and I can't believe the price. The reviews were spot on. I normally get tired of a cigar when it's about 75% smoked but I wanted the whole thing.
Shakewell in Bay Area March 3, 2013
"You just found your every day burner"
Easily my favorite cigar, sweetened tip may not be for everyone, but I love this thing. Relatively cheap compared to other Drew Estate cigars but the quality is up there. Keep at least a 5 pack in the humidor at all times. As far as the smoke goes, draw is perfect, taste is mild to medium with a light spice and coffee notes.
Mike in New York January 30, 2013
Though relativly new to cigars I typically dont enjoy the sweet flavor of cigars however these blew me away. I keep several in my humidor at all times burns well great flavor no major flaws
Sawyer in Wisconsin January 10, 2013
"Very, very good!"
I bought a box of these cigars and was pleasantly surprised to find them to be extremely smooth and mild for a Robusto. The sugared tip is a nice touch and the coffee infusion is just perfectly balanced and delicate which gives the cigar a superb aroma and a very nice burn. I reccomend that you punch a hole in the center of the cap either with a thin hole punch or a toothpick, instead of using a guillotine to prevent the filler from getting into your tongue and mouth and that you burn the tip and flame the body to get all the flavors out. They are delicious and will be placed in my list of favorites!
Ian in Miami November 21, 2012
"Medium Filler"
Burnt too fast. Suspect its made fr scraps(medium filler) A little hollow and towards the end the nicotine kicks in and give me a little headache. For the price I shdnt complained, U get what u paid for.
Joe in Malaysia November 12, 2012
"Great cigar""
After ordering a 5 pack and letting sit in my humidor for month, I could no longer wait. I must say this is one of the Best smokes I have ever had. I will be ordering a box next week, and if I were you I would do the same, you will not be disappointed.
Josh in Nebraska September 9, 2012
"Great cigar for the price!!"
I'm not a cigar expert, but I know what I like and these are a great smoke. A little sweetness with a slight pepper aroma. Drew Estate does it again.
Randall in Angier, NC August 1, 2012
"wonderful tasty smoke"
I was a little apprehensive about a infused or flavored cigar, but I am a coffee lover and I also have a sweet tooth, so I figured it would be a good fit. I had a hard time putting this cigar down, loved it! Sweet tip, but not overwhelming, smooth and creamy all the way through. Construction started to breakdown a little towards the end, but it's not a expensive cigar and tasted so good that I am willing to overlook that.
Steven in Washington State July 21, 2012
"A Great Surprise"
When I first started smoking cigars about a year ago, my friend at my local shop recommended these as a good starter. After a while I became a little burnt out of these. A few days ago I found myself with only one cigar left, it was this cigar. I was a little disappointed that I was stuck with this sucker but it was all I had. So I lit it up, had a little drink and I was blown away! So good, so smooth, great burn, and even better no after taste. I now realize why my friend recommended my to them. They're great for people new to cigars, and great for regulars.
in WV March 2, 2012
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