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Isla Del Sol Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Not bad at all."
Had these as part of a coffee sampler. The burn was clean, draw was good, but taste was too sweet for me. I think I prefer the Java which isn't as sweet. Nice change of pace, though.
Brian in Honolulu, HI July 13, 2011
I found this cigar to be very mild, almost to a point of blandness. The infused flavor seemed very artificial and the smoke was uneven. I am a huge Drew Estate fan and I love the Natural line, but this cigar is a let down. Do yourself a favor and fire up a Dirt Torpedo instead.
Joe in CT June 19, 2011
"Great evening treat."
I don't usually smoke infused smokes, but these are a great after dinner or evening treat. My smoking friends refer to them as candy bars to burn, but don't want to make it sound too sweet. Just a nice flavor of coffee and dark chocolate. Everyone around comments on the aroma too (good). If Derrick can get hold of me, I'll gladly take his off his hands!
Terry in Central Florida May 6, 2011
"Pure garbage!"
I don't believe I've ever had lousier cigar that this! Drew Estate does make some decent cigars, but this is not one of them. i have smoked one of them and now have to figure out what to do with the rest. I will toss them or perhaps dump them into a gallon of water for a week or so and use the liquid for insect spray in the yard.
Derrick in Florida April 23, 2011
"Not my favorite but still good"
Nice ash good burn, no canoeing. The tip is sweet and kind of tastes like a swisher which isn't my favorite but once you get smoking you get the tobacco flavor and it's very mild and nice. I don't like the fact that they come in an easily crushed cardboard box.
Kyle in Indiana January 2, 2011
"#1 in the humidor"
Great mild cigar. Nice burn/draw. Great Ash. I dig thru the humidor til I find one. It's a finger burner so carry a knive, 'cause you have to cut the band off!
Steve Nielsen in November 2, 2010
"Easy and no after tatse!"
IN a small way, I like knowing that after I smoke a cigar, my wife will not get the taste if it if we are close. This is that cigar. Great flavor when smoked, easy draw, with no after taste. Many of my friends who don't smoke on a regular basis, love these from me. My Dad is in heaven!
Bud in in Burnsville, MN June 8, 2010
"Surprisingly peppered with spicey flavor"
whoa! now THIS is one nice smoke! First off, it presentation is quite classy and draws wide-eyed, raised-eyebrow 'oooohs' and 'aaaaahs' from the chums. However, once the cigar touches the lips, even before lighting up - now THAT's when the pleasure strikes. The sweetened cap is an immediate reward at the end of a day, but after lighting up, the peppery notes are what I, personally, feel really make this what is now about my favorite cigar. Thank you Drew Estates! Saaaaa-lud!!!
Trail in NW Arkansas April 26, 2010
This is by far my favorite cigar! picked this up on cigar monster smoked one and then payed full price for two cases the next day. Slow even burn. sweet creamy smooth taste... A MUST TRY!
cameron in Grand Rapids, MI April 22, 2010
"A decent infused smoke"
I tried the Isla Del Sol for the first time recently. My goal was to compare the Isla Del Sol to the other infused cigars put out by Drew. My first impression was with the packaging of the full box ~ the box has impressive art work and the cigars are neatly nestled in a bed of tobacco leaves. NEAT presentation! The burn was Ok with a few hot spots that corrected themselves. Good, thick smoke the entire cigar. Taste was mild with a very slight tinge of spice - mostly tobacco and very mild mocha flavors. The band is impossible to remove without damage to the fragile wrapper, which lifted and ripped a couple times. The coffee/mocha infusion was much too mild in my opinion and tended to die out mid cigar. Keep in mind that this is Drews economy line. Overall, a good but not great smoke. Good value.
Reddi in MN September 23, 2009
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